Holidays in your own garden – ideas for an unforgettable summer

You don’t have to get on the plane to go on vacation. Cheaper and still comfortable, the holidays will be in your own garden.

Garden holidays
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The vacation thing is such a problem. Most have too little of it, and if they have it, the offers are simply too expensive or certain places are simply too crowded. In addition, for many people a once popular holiday destination has been omitted for safety and moral reasons, but Spanish destinations have become even more crowded and expensive for precisely this reason. So what’s left? For a change, how about the holiday resort, which is well known and where at most the house cat reserves the sunbed? Exactly, we’re talking about balconies and gardens. And this report reveals how a vacation becomes a blast.

Cosy garden equipment for a good time

Balcony Terrace Vacation
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The holiday at home has real advantages. The eternal luggage and the fight with the suitcase zipper, which is definitely too small, are omitted. Instead, one may consider how the garden or balcony will be equipped. And that’s exactly what’s great. Because it is not the disposable air mattress that is chosen here, but the furniture and the fun factor for the whole year. The home garden and the balcony are the holiday destinations for every day, always after work and of course on weekends. So you can spend a little more here, so that the private luxury hotel lasts for a long time:

  1. garden furniture – If you have a garden with a terrace, you are well advised to invest in lounge furniture. The pieces of rattan or polyrattan withstand periods of bad weather and are simply comfortable. Equipped with pillows you can rest on them, sunbathe them, but also celebrate with your family or friends. Also for the balcony there are practical seating and lying possibilities, which leave nothing to be desired. How about a corner bench combination with a folding seat that hides a box? On you can also find interesting garden furniture made of wood that create a special ambience.
  2. sun protection – so that genuine holiday feeling arises, the sun protection may not be missing naturally. Awnings or sun sails are very popular, but even a sunshade with a good base is never wrong. There are awnings for balconies practically with clamping elements, against which also a landlord can do nothing. Sun sails are anchored to the wall as far as possible.
  3. bathing fun – depending on the size of the garden a pool should not be missing. There are now almost countless models for every budget. For larger pools, however, the pump should not be forgotten, and a cover is indispensable. Anyone who wants something permanent and is not averse to a garden pond can build a swimming pond. The ponds do not take up so much space and are absolutely sufficient to cool down. And what do balcony holidaymakers do? With them, the good old paddling pool can come into consideration. If the balcony isn’t enough: In every DIY store there are rectangular plant tubs. They are extremely stable, hold several buckets of water and are sufficient to cool your legs.
  4. Water fun when space is at a premium – maybe the garden is already furnished in such a way that there is not much space left? In that case, a garden shower might be something to cool down. Otherwise, a fountain also provides cooling for the eye.
  5. barbecue – a good grill should not be missing on a balcony or in the garden.

Depending on the situation, playground equipment can be included in the holiday repertoire. There is always room for a badminton net, a little higher up it is perfect for grass volleyball. And if the children want to get high up, a garden trampoline is the means to an end.

Excursions for the wort

climbing forest
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Vacation at home also means that the sun guarantee is not anchored in the Basic Law and someone has not eaten the plate. So it’s raining. And since only children enjoy counting raindrops or jumping around in puddles, a few excursions have to be planned:

bathing paradise

In every region there is a swimming paradise for water lovers of all ages within a relatively short distance. This visit should definitely be included in your holiday, because no pool and no water battle at home can replace a wave pool, water slides and the tropical experience under a glass roof. By the way, there are also sauna and massage areas where parents can relax after the children’s play attacks.

amusement park

Of course they should not be visited when it rains, but a visit is always a recommendation. In most federal states there is a more or less large park with several attractions.

movie theater

If it is cool and wet outside, going to the cinema is a good idea.

climbing park

Here the fear of heights has no chance, but somehow the whole family has fun and even grumpy teenagers rediscover the child in them.

Great events in your own garden

Barbecue in the garden
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Vacation is family time – but aren’t friends also part of it? This summer in particular, the holiday season at home is a perfect time for festivities in the garden. It may be that the female – or not football enthusiastic – family members have to be bribed, but some events should take place:

  • soccer party – once during the holiday season the home holiday paradise should be abused for a World Cup party. Public viewing with family and friends, close to the fridge, grill and chips.
  • barbecue – that goes even without soccer. How about a nice barbecue with your best friends? After all, the grill master must also be played in 2018.
  • children’s party – maybe it is the birthday of the offspring during the holiday season? The little ones can of course celebrate with their friends and show the adults how to celebrate with the help of the adults.

Most of the possibilities can be repeated in the garden all year round and can therefore be really enjoyed.

Conclusion: Tourist snakes? Not this year!

This year, there are no miserable holidaymakers at the buffet, towel reservers at the pool and Germans there, where one actually doesn’t want to see any. This year the holiday will take place at home and there you can set your own rules. However, it cannot be guaranteed at this point whether the deckchair will not be taken over by the offspring or the house tomcat. The holiday in gardens or on balconies will still be great.

Don Burke

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