Peppermint Plant Care

Peppermint Plant Care

The peppermint is an aromatic plant of very easy cultivation that hardly needs maintenance; so much so that it is perfect for those people who do not have much experience in the care of plants, and even to give as it is also used to flavor numerous dishes or to make infusions.


The peppermint is an herbaceous plant that grows up to a height of 30cm. It has light green leaves, whose aroma is very characteristic. If you have a small garden it is important that you know that its roots are invasive , to the point that new shoots may emerge about 30-40cm away from the “mother plant”. For this reason, it is advisable to have it in a pot, where it will be much more controlled. Now, if you want to have it on the ground, I recommend that before planting it, put an anti-rhizome mesh so that, in this way, its roots can not extend.

Otherwise, it will not give you any problem, since it resists the drought quite well. However, to have a healthy plant, full of leaves, it must be placed in a place where it is exposed to the sun and plant it in a substrate composed of black peat mixed with 10-20% perlite or any other porous material . This will prevent the soil from getting flooded, which could harm you.


If we talk about irrigation, this will have to be regular : if it is in a pot during the summer we will water 2-3 times a week, and the rest of the year between once and twice every seven days; on the other hand, if we have it on the ground, 2 irrigation per week during the first year will suffice, and one from the second.

Another point that we can not forget is that of pruning. It is pruned after flowering so that the mint stays low and well cared for. To do this, with the help of a pair of scissors we will reduce its height by half .

The mint is a very grateful aromatic plant that will look splendid with minimal care


Don Burke

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