Peace Lily Care

Peace Lily Care

The lily of peace is one of the most popular indoor plants. it adapts to places with little light, even better than others (such as Begonia). In addition, it blossoms a really decorative and beautiful flower that you can enjoy even in your indoor pond, if you want to have it as an aquatic plant.

But what is it that makes more and more people who are attracted to it? Without doubt, your care. She is very grateful and that, as you can see for yourself if you decide to acquire one, you will notice it soon.

To have your peace lily in perfect health, you have to provide the following care:


Being a plant very sensitive to cold, it has to be placed inside the home, at least during the winter. As we said, it adapts well to living in rooms with little light, but it will also live wonderfully in those that are luminous. Of course, you have to protect it from drafts, both cold and warm, and direct light, because they could damage their leaves.


The watering of the peace lily should be occasional . It is advised to water a maximum of twice a week. If we want to have it in the pond, it will be placed in the highest part.


The fertilizer is very important for all plants. In the case of our protagonist, we will pay with a liquid fertilizer every 20 days during the entire growing season, that is, from spring to autumn.


In spring we will proceed to transplant it if we see roots coming out of the drainage holes . We will put it in a pot about 2-3cm wider, using a universal substrate for plants mixed with 20% perlite.


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