Garden design according to zones: So everyone gets his favorite area

When designing your garden in certain zones, you proceed in the same way as you do with residential rooms. It just needs to be thought of everyone.

Garden design zonesWho in your household has actually decided that a garden should be created? Or more precisely, who has prevailed with his ideas?

A garden should be an enrichment for the whole family, therefore it is important with the organization to consider also all desires. There is no point in only one part realizing its ideas, whether it is a new garden or an existing garden being redesigned. So before you get started, sit down in the family council and let everyone express their wishes. To support you, I have put together a small guide that shows you how a garden can be divided into different zones.

Divide your garden into zones – Where to start?

Once the family council is sitting together, I can imagine the “screaming” figuratively: I want a playground, I want a herb garden and I want a barbecue corner in it. Keep calm and proceed systematically. Take a piece of paper (preferably graph paper) and first draw the layout of your garden. Mark electricity and water connection, this is important for the later design. Limit how far an area should go, the conclusion can be a path or a hedge. You can also draw in which areas cannot be changed, for example terrace areas or an existing garden house. The first work is done, now it goes into detail.


It is quite logical, if no children live in the household, or do not use the garden, you can skip this point. Otherwise, you should consider the smallest ones in the family first of all, because if the children are satisfied, so are the parents. When planning, it is always the child’s age that counts. For the smaller ones there must be space for a sandpit and possibly a climbing frame or a slide. Space-saving and even more versatile are special children’s playhouses, according to my research has quite good offers here. With this, you cover just about every gaming urge of your child on just a few square meters. If the local conditions allow it and you are adept at craftsmanship, you can also build a tree house. Older children get a playground, especially boys attach importance to being able to play football without restrictions.

Ideas for a playground in the garden

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barbecue and recreation corner

You may be surprised, but I still can’t get to fruit and vegetables and flowers. Even if plants and shrubs are indispensable in the garden, the feel-good character should come first, therefore the adults come now to the turn. After gardening or the daily end of work simply put your legs up, an idyll that everyone will envy you for and that you don’t want to miss anymore. The first question is whether your Chill-Out-Lounge should be roofed over or not. Once that’s settled, it goes to the facility. Plan enough seats (also for sunbeds). In order to be able to sit together comfortably, the table must be adapted to the family size. By the way, rattan furniture radiates special cosiness, but this is left to your personal taste.

Design ideas for recreation zones

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A barbecue corner should please the men of the house the most, but will benefit everyone later. A little tip from me, if you are planning a completely new home, take a look at for the right equipment. Here you will find everything from recipe books to grill tongs to high-class grills from a single source. Only the final polish is missing, which you can do with candles, lanterns, lanterns and of course some tub plants.

kitchen garden

You already notice that the available space is slowly dwindling. Nevertheless, there should still be room for fruit and vegetables. As mentioned above, a hedge or pergola is suitable for separating the recreation area from the vegetable patch. You can then plant them directly and already have a part of your ornamental garden which I will come to later. When creating the vegetable garden, pay attention to the weather conditions. If beds are situated directly on a fence or wall, they may only be planted there, which also tolerates shade. These include, for example:

    Kitchen Garden Zone

  • lamb’s lettuce
  • beans
  • spinach
  • turnip cabbage
  • curly kale
  • parsley
  • chives
  • garlic

Read our guidebook: Which vegetables harmonize well with each other?

ornamental garden

A garden zone must not be missing, the ornamental garden. Anything that makes your eyes shine can be planted here. Enjoy flowers, grasses and shrubs, but be careful not to plant large plants in small gardens. Firstly, this takes up too much valuable space, and secondly, large shrubs would visually “crush” the smaller plants. Groundcover and perennials, on the other hand, are well suited. The best thing to do is take a look at, where you can choose from more than 1,300 plant varieties.
Further suggestions can be found in our article “Shrubs popular in ornamental gardens”.

Inspirations for your ornamental garden zone

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As you can see, with good planning and agreement it is possible to create a favourite place in the garden for everyone. It is important that you do not blindly start, but create a concept, then nothing goes wrong in practice.

Don Burke

I am Don Burke, one of the authors at My Garden Guide.  I am a horticulturist that cultivates, grows, and cares for plants, ranging from shrubs and fruits to flowers. I do it in my own garden and in my nursery. I show you how to take care of your garden and how to perform garden landscaping in an easy way, step by step.I am originally from Sydney and I wrote in local magazines. Later on, I have decided, more than two decades ago, to create my own blog. My area of specialization is related to orchid care, succulent care, and the study of the substrate and the soil. Therefore, you will see many articles dedicated to these disciplines. I also provide advice about how to improve the landscape design of your garden.

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