Creating a sensory garden: 32 ideas for a garden to see, smell, taste, hear and feel

Yellow sun hat

A good sensory garden is characterised by the fact that it optimally appeals to all 5 senses. Seeing, smelling, tasting, hearing and feeling. Although sensory gardens are preferred at kindergartens or when working with dementia patients, you can also impress visitors to your garden with them. To give your eyes something, it is best to use plants with strong colours such as the yellow sun hat. But the red sun hat also looks very nice.

Don Burke

I am Don Burke, one of the authors at My Garden Guide.  I am a horticulturist that cultivates, grows, and cares for plants, ranging from shrubs and fruits to flowers. I do it in my own garden and in my nursery. I show you how to take care of your garden and how to perform garden landscaping in an easy way, step by step.I am originally from Sydney and I wrote in local magazines. Later on, I have decided, more than two decades ago, to create my own blog. My area of specialization is related to orchid care, succulent care, and the study of the substrate and the soil. Therefore, you will see many articles dedicated to these disciplines. I also provide advice about how to improve the landscape design of your garden.

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