What Are The Components Of Soil

What Are The Components Of Soil

The components of the soil are those that are responsible for feeding all the life that is part of the plant world and is that each of the parts of the soil, turn out to be fundamental for the proper development of the plants can be produced , so it is It is essential that all these parts are in good condition so that the plants can survive.

The composition of each of the soil components changes in order to elaborate different kinds of soil. For example, the soil that is classified as clayey, has a greater amount of water than the soils considered light and / or sandy.

what are the components of soil

These are the main components of the soil

The soil has 4 essential components, which are:

The rocks, also known as minerals.

The air.


The organic material, that is, the leaves and animals that are in decomposition .

There is also a 5th component of the soil , which is generally not taken into account and is the living world that exists on the earth and is that each of the existing soils , has a combination of these 5 basic components and most of of soils can be modified in order to optimize their composition, to make the soil components are much more appropriate for the optimal development of plant life.

Air and water

The air is neither liquid nor solid , but it is a mixture of gaseous elements that are found naturally within the earth’s atmosphere and that is in the ground, the pockets of air are those that are responsible for allowing the Water moves around it and passes between the plants that are blooming both above and below the soil line. In general, the water in the soil has a certain content of dissolved salts and some other chemical elements.

Also, as you should know, it is a fundamental part of the soil, since the plants could not last without a good water supply.

Certain types of soils , such as clayey soils, tend to retain water in a better way than other soils, and when water remains on the ground instead of being able to pass through it easily, the soil usually becomes much thicker and certain plants do not have the capacity to flower in clayey, heavy and very humid soils.

The minerals

Each of the soils that are there, are composed of silt, sand and clay , however, certain types of soil have a much higher concentration of these minerals compared to others.

In general, minerals and rocks make up most of the soil components . These rocks and minerals, usually come from both inorganic and inert materials.

The sand is made up of minimal pieces of quartz and some other minerals and by itself does not have the sufficient content of nutrients that the plants require. The sand is considered the particle of the soil with greater size and thickness, however, water has the distinction of being able to pass through it much more easily than in the other types of soil.

For its part, the silt consists of a mixture of quartz rocks and several other minerals. The silt particles found in the soil are much smaller than the sand particles , although it is larger than the clay particles .

Clay is considered one of the types of soil where the highest content of minerals and nutrients is found, such as: iron, calcium and potassium. The smallest particles found in the soil come from the clay, which in certain cases could become quite thick and very complicated to handle.

what are the components of soil

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