Ash Tree

Ash Tree

The trees are a true natural wonder. Each and every one of them have characteristics that make them unique: some stand out for having brightly colored flowers, others for the size they reach once they reach adulthood, others for being able to grow more than 1 meter year, … and others for its elegance, as is the case of ash .

It is an ideal plant to have in medium-large gardens, where it will become a tree that the whole family will enjoy. You do not believe me? Discover this fantastic tree.

ash tree

Provides shade in summer, light in winter

f you are looking for a deciduous tree, that is to say, that it loses the leaves in some season of the year – in this case, winter – the ash is a good option. With its 15 meters of height and its wide glass, in summer you can protect yourself under its branches from the intense sun, while in winter-spring you can enjoy the flowers of the bulbous plants that you want to plant

ash tree

Its flowers are very decorative

The flowers, which are grouped in inflorescences, are very showy, white. They sprout in late winter when the rest of the plants still hibernate, and remain on the tree until early summer.

ash tree

Grows on all types of soil

The ash tree is a “uncomplicated” plant. It can grow on all types of soils, including calcareous ones. Of course, it needs regular waterings since it does not resist the drought. In fact, it grows naturally in humid and cool mountain areas, so in order to develop it in the best possible way we have to provide water in abundance (without flooding the soil).

fraxinus excelsior

It gets beautiful in autumn

The ash is an incredible tree. In the spring and summer it has green leaves, but in autumn … things change. Depending on the species, you can have them red , such as Fraxinus americana or Fraxinus ornus , or yellowslike Fraxinus excelsior .

ash tree plant

Fraxinus excelsior ‘Aurea’, a tree that in summer has green leaves and in autumn a magnificent yellow color.

Resists the cold without problems

If you live in an area where temperatures in winter drop to -12ºC, you will not have to worry. The ash tree supports the cold and frost without problems.

fraxinus angustifolia

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