White Orchid

White Orchid

We all know that white orchids are a symbol of purity, which is why it is common to find them in bridal bouquets or first communion celebrations. 
But they can also be used in all kinds of floral decoration, as they are centerpieces, always in very specific and special celebrations. 
The beauty of the white flowers of the orchid are almost hypnotic, of a subtlety and exquisite elegance , which borders on luxury.

white orchids

The meaning of giving white orchids

When we give away white orchids we are transmitting a torrent of feelings. 
The person who makes the gift, is wanting to convey admiration for the person to whom the orchids are directed, but above all we are talking with the language of the flowers, showing innocence, purity of feelings, sophistication, peace and transparency in our intentions. 
Because the meanings of orchids are so many and so diverse , it is not a flower that is limited to love between couples, it can also be a present among family members, friends and colleagues , to whom we wish to transmit affection and admiration. 
The white orchid is considered as the flower of wisdom,and it is that you have to be very intelligent to transmit feelings without even opening your mouth. 
Of the white orchids, I would highlight above all their beauty and their elegance, a sign of sophistication for any corner where they are placed.

Types of white orchids

White orchids are mostly the result of numerous crosses. There are many hybrids of orchidsthat appear every year, to satisfy the desires of the most demanding gardeners. 
Currently there are several species of orchids in which the white color is present: Phalaenopsis Orchid White
It is a pure white flower, perhaps the best known of the white orchids. 
It may have a pinkish tint on the back of the flower, and the lip may have some yellow accents.

Cymbidium White and Yellow Overnight
As its name suggests, it is a white flower that always has some pale yellow touch.  Its appearance is completely white and happens to be a white orchid.

Dendrobium White
It is the whitest of all, since it is almost pure white. It is possibly the most used in bridal bouquets, arrangements, and centerpieces.

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