Types Of Aloe Plants

Types Of Aloe Plants

We all know Aloe vera , a crasa plant whose gel is used among other things, to heal wounds and relieve itching. But did you know that there are other types of Aloe that are also very decorative and very easy to care for?

In this article I am going to present you to 5 different species that you can have all the time you want in a pot, decorating your patio or terrace.

Aloe Aristata

This type of Aloe is always kept small. With a height of no more than 10cm and with a diameter of up to 30cm, it is a species whose leaves are elegantly decorated with white “dots”. Supports up to -2ºC

Aloe Juvenna

The Aloe juvenna is a different plant: with very small leaves, it grows in height. In addition, it takes out shoots, so it does not take long to occupy an entire 20cm pot. It has jagged edges, but do not worry: its “teeth” do no harm ????. It supports up to -3ºC .

Aloe Maculata – Aloe Saponaria

This plant grows to a height of 30cm, and has a short stem that keeps it slightly elevated from the ground. Its leaves are green towards the center, and darker toward the tips. It grows very quickly, as long as the temperature does not drop below -3ºC .

Aloe Somaliensis

This species of Aloe is characterized by having the leaves decorated with elongated spots of whitish color, and having jagged edges. The newer ones are green, while the older ones become reddish. Supports up to -2ºC .

Aloe Plicatilis

And we continue with a species that grows tree type: Aloe plicatilis . It reaches a height of 5 meters, with a trunk that thickens to measure about 50cm in diameter. We might think that because of its size it is more a garden plant than to have a pot, but the truth is that the Aloe that grows like a tree are VERY slow, and also, its root system is superficial, so it can be had in large pots without problem. This species supports up to -3ºC .

Don Burke

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