Tradescantia Spiderwort

Tradescantia Spiderwort

Plants are of great importance to the world, as they help in various ways from the oxygenation process to alternative healing methods, that is why the environments or places where they grow must be respected .

It is of great importance to take into account that the properties of plants vary according to their gender and species that spread across the width and length of the world. In this article we will talk about the care that should be done to the plant of the Tradescantia or also known as the love of man so that it can grow in a fruitful way.



Taking into account the above, we have that the Tradescantia belongs to the family of creeping plants , this presents a beautiful color or a variability of tonalities, this depends on the offspring of man’s love.

The beauty that emanates before our eyes shows a beautiful shape and foliage , falling in love with its beautiful white and violet flowers, the tradescantia, covers the floors and pots of the home.

The simplicity and majesty of this plant is ideal to place it in certain places of the house, such as the living room, kitchen, patio, among others, since it is ornamental, and grows abundantly in suitable climates , such as the tropical or warm, that’s why it’s ideal for the garden.

To keep this plant healthy, temperatures must be taken into account, because warmth is what keeps it alive .

When talking about the Tradescantia , it makes reference to the fact that it is a very subtle plant, and of rapid proliferation, this plant can adapt to any climate, temperature and conditions.

Do not forget, that when you have a plant of these you must focus on those things that make it stand out , that is why the best point for the growth of this plant is one where light plays a fundamental role, however, this should not hit Directly, because instead of beautifying it, it will deteriorate quickly.


Taking Care of the Tradescantia ( Spiderwort )

Among all the plants that can be found in nurseries and garden centers, there is one that adapts better than any to living indoors: the Tradescantia . It has very decorative leaves, whether green, purple, bicolor …, and, in addition, its flowers, although small, are also very beautiful.

If you do not have much experience in growing plants and want to put some green in your home, with the Tradescantia you will not have any problems.

The Tradescantia is a plant with which you can get very special corners inside the house, since its stems tend to hang, which gives it a very unique look. It is very resistant and does not need any special care, although of course, as all plants must be located in a certain area so that its leaves do not lose color, and watered every so often. Let’s see what their care is:

  • Location : place in a room with lots of light but not direct. In shaded areas it tends to become elongated, and loses the color of its leaves.
  • Irrigation : twice a week in summer, and every 10-15 days the rest of the year. The substrate must be dried between one irrigation and the next.
  • Subscriber : in spring and summer it is recommended to pay. For this you can use any mineral or organic fertilizer, preferably liquid, following the indications specified on the package.
  • Transplant : every two years, in spring. Use a porous substrate so that water can drain, such as 70% black peat + 30% perlite. Put a first layer of volcanic clay or pebbles.
  • Pests : it is very resistant, but if the environment is very dry, it can affect aphids, pillbugs and red spiders. They can be fought with Neem Oil, or with Paraffin Oil.
  • Diseases : in very humid environments, fungi such as rust or botrytis can affect you. It is prevented by watering very little. It can also be treated preventatively with copper or sulfur in spring.

Among the most important care for tradescantia or love of man is to  give it constantly , especially when the weather is hot as in summer.

An ideal advice to keep the plant hydrated at all times is to place a plastic bottle , fill it with water, the next thing is to open a hole in the lid and put a worsted thread about 30 cm long, this should Pass through the lid.

Then, one end should be placed inside the bottle with water, while the other end should go inside the pot, buried and where the plant is planted, this will provide the necessary hydration daily , is an excellent advice for the care of our plants.

This technique allows water to pass through the yarn and the roots absorb its hydration.

It should be noted that another fundamental idea for the care and growth of love of man, is based on the use of fertilizers , these fertilizers help the plant to nourish, grow and stay healthy.

In this sense, for this type of plants it is advisable to use a fertilizer or liquid fertilizer, since it allows greater absorption of nutrients, however, this should be used for some months, especially during the period of growth of the tradescantia .

Likewise and for the care of the tradescantia or love of man, there is another technique of relevance to have a beautiful, large, abundant and fast growing plant , this is due to the cuts made in the branches of the plant but it must be cut only those that exceed the size.

Each clipped branch can generate a new plant, these branches are placed in water until they sprout roots, at this time you can continue to plant them and will result in beautiful tradescantia plants.

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