Puristic terrace design – how to furnish modern elegance

With just a few, but carefully selected elements, a purist terrace can be set up in no time at all. Only a straight-line design is important.

Puristic terrace design
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It is well known that the tastes of the terraces are different. Where it can’t be colorful enough for one, the other strikes his hands in front of his eyes. The fact is. Your terrace that you want to set up. Inspirations from relatives and neighbours are certainly welcome, but don’t let them talk you into it. Why do I mention this so explicitly?

The purist style of living has its followers, but is also often viewed with suspicion. Too sparse, too simple or even too sterile, the minimalist furnishing is often referred to. And it’s exactly the Less is more Mentalitywith which you furnish your terrace puristically, and thus absolutely modern.

Characteristics of a puristic terrace

The beginnings of the purist furnishing style can be found in Bauhaus architecture. Cubic forms are characteristic, i.e. everything that is square or rectangular. Romanticism plays no role on a purist terrace, just as little as Mediterranean flair. In terms of colour too, a terrace furnished in a purist style remains rather simple without appearing boring. Light to dark grey colours or nuances in brown, mixed with a matt white or cream tone, give the modern look.

Plain floor covering with light effects

The floor of terraces is generally covered with wooden planks or terrace slabs. With a puristic design, you can also use wood as the base material, but you should make sure that boards or planks are laid over a large area. When choosing the colour, please do not choose a Mediterranean tone, but rather go in the direction of anthracite or taupe. A smooth concrete surface that you can paint according to your wishes is really minimalistic. If a terrace already exists, the old floor can be renovated with a stone carpet. Examples and installation instructions on marmorix.de. Light strips, which are laid in the floor, give the last whistle and make your puristic terrace shine.

Puristic terrace design – furniture and decoration

Puristic does not mean unimaginative, so you can give free rein to your creativity when designing. Whether terrace furniture or decoration, you remain straightforward. Lounge furniture may be, best models without much Schnörkel, in dark Rattan to a light floor, or as light fabric variant to a dark floor covering fit best – large selection on gartenxxl.de. Cushions provide cosiness, but floral fabrics or bright colours are taboo. Patterns in black / white are more suitable for a puristic terrace.

Picture gallery: Puristic terrace furnishing

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Flower arrangements and water games

The icing on the cake is when you use different plants. Neither plastic nor terracotta pots fit on a puristic terrace. Instead, cubic planters are used, which you can find in all possible sizes on pflanzwerk.de. Placed side by side, the elegant planters can even be used as room dividers to make large terraces more comfortable or to separate certain areas from each other.

Potted plants – my suggestions for a puristic terrace:

  • box
  • olive stems
  • dwarf palm
  • dwarf pine
  • bridal myrtle
  • ginkgo
  • funk

Depending on your budget and of course your personal taste, you can also spice up your terrace with a water feature. Here, too, the simpler the more elegant.

Nice example: Water feature with stainless steel ball on stele (column)

Decorative Stones

Keep the decoration as minimalist as possible. In the meantime there are countless decorative stones on the market which can be placed perfectly on a puristic terrace. These stones look particularly modern and elegant in the planters mentioned above. Either simply sprinkled in, or as the uppermost covering layer on the plant soil.

possible stone variants:

  • marble gravel
  • rubble stone
  • basalt split
  • granite chippings
  • lava mulch
  • quartz

By the way: Your puristic terrace should always match the house so that a harmonious overall impression is created.

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