Pruning Aloe

pruning aloe
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Pruning Aloe

The Aloe vera is a plant for all is not only ornamental, but also has great medicinal properties. In fact, whenever you get a wound or you feel itchy, you will only have to apply a little of your gel so you will feel relief almost immediately. But also, it is very easy to grow : just put it in a place protected from the direct sun, and water it once a week.

Although of course, sometimes we will also have to remove some leaves, so let’s see how to prune an Aloe vera plant 

The pruning of Aloe vera consists solely in removing the withered leaves. It can also be pruned, of course, when we need to extract its gel. But how to do it correctly and at what time?

To prune it, you must wait until spring arrives. Once the moment arrives, take a sharp knife (not a saw) and cut the blade from its base , close to the ground. To use the gel, it is recommended to take those that are located closer to the ground level, which are the oldest. The newest ones must be left, otherwise the plant would weaken.

, Pruning Aloe

If your plant has any leaf that is dry or damaged, it should be removed. It is not a plant that is affected by many pests and diseases, but if it has suffered excessive watering or has been very exposed to the sun, then we will have to “rejuvenate” it by removing those that have lost their green color.

Likewise, if you have small leaves, you can remove them and plant them in individual pots. To do this, you just have to remove a bit of earth around it, and separate them from the mother plant when they are at least 5cm tall . It is important that they get out with a little root, but if some are broken, do not worry. Once you are in your new pot, in a few days you will begin to broadcast new ones.


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