Create more storage space in the garden house – ideas for more space and living quality

Whoever opens his garden house and finds the chaos should do something as soon as possible. With our ideas you provide more stowage and living space.

Create more storage space in the garden house
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Many use the garden house as additional living space and thus as a small oasis of well-being in the green. For others, however, the garden house is merely a storage room for garden tools, bulbs, fertilizer, etc. And yet others combine both. But that quickly becomes quite problematic, because there is not much space in a garden house. The garden house then no longer has much of an oasis of well-being. But only if you don’t know how to help yourself. After all, there are enough solutions that provide more storage space and living space in the garden house. And this is exactly what we would like to introduce to you here.

Ideas for more storage and living space in the garden house

❍ cultivation:

Your garden house is simply too small to accommodate garden tools and also to sit comfortably? Then a tool shed as an extension would be worth considering. Finally, there are also tool sheds that can be opened from several sides and “attached” to the garden shed. The equipment sheds are small, but offer a lot of storage space. I have seen such equipment sheds for example on The models with add-on variants offer four times as much storage space as a comparably large garden shed. But also here it is important that you keep order in the shed in order to save space.

❍ Shelves:

We all know this: If it suddenly starts raining during gardening, the garden tools have to be stowed away quickly. “Fast” is the correct term here, because it is not uncommon for the appliances to find a place somewhere in the garden house, where there is an empty space to place them. You do that once or twice and the wellness oasis outside becomes a lumber room without order.

In order to prevent it from looking messy in the garden house and you can’t really relax there, you should integrate shelves in the garden house. Everything you need regularly for gardening can find its place there. But open shelves with tools don’t look very comfortable, of course. For more cosiness, you can conceal the shelves behind a decorative curtain, for example. That doesn’t take up much space and also looks nice. For this it is recommended to use curtain rails or to mount a curtain rod on the ceiling.

❍ Order bars:

Since rake, spade, hoe and the like cannot be stowed away on the shelf, storage strips with clamps and hooks in the garden house are an absolute must. Harke and Co. can easily be hooked in here and do not stand around in the corner of the garden house. You can, for example, conceal these organizer strips behind a curtain or mount them on the door of the garden house. The latter is particularly practical, since you need a broom more often and have it so quickly at hand. Of course, you can also easily build an order bar yourself. I have found a manual for it e.g. on

❍ Seating furniture with storage box:

If you want to sit comfortably in the garden house, then you should always choose seating furniture that offers storage space. For example for a garden bench with storage box. You’ll kill two birds with one stone. You can sit comfortably and also stow cushions, garden accessories, etc. in it. The contents always remain dry and ventilated. I have seen such a garden bench e.g. on Of course, there are also garden boxes with storage space, which can be used as a table or stool. For example, I found a model in rattan and wood look with about 143 litres usable capacity on

❍ loft bed:

Would you like to live in the garden house and stay overnight there? Then do not opt for a normal bed because it would take up too much space. You’d better choose a loft bed. Not only does this save a lot of space, it is also practical because you can position a seating group underneath it, for example.

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