Tubers are a type of thickened stems that have certain plants. The most famous known is the potato. These plants accumulate the reserve substances, formed mostly by starch.

Most of these tubers are underground and contain scales that produce buds. It is from these buds that develop new buds and stems that originate new plants. What type of tubers are there?

, Tubers

Types of tubers

According to medicine, zoologists and botany, there are different types of tubers and categories for them. The botanical experts classify the tubers in: Radical tubers, hydroponic tubers, tropical tubers and edible tubers . The latter are the potato, jicama, cassava, melloco and others.

The tubers are used to store the energy of the plant they use to produce stems and leaves. There are many tubers that are edible like the ones we will see next.


It is the best-known edible tuber in the world. It is eaten in many ways, fried, cooked, poor, mashed, etc. It is extracted from an American herbaceous plant of Andean origin. Its consumption before was not so great, since raw is not good. Once learned to cook it, it is one of the most consumed foods in the world.

Sweet Potato

It is used to feed livestock, eat and as raw material in pastry and confectionery.


It is a vegetable known since ancient times by Mediterranean civilizations. This vegetable was cultivated in ancient China but its exact origin is unknown.


It is also a well-known food throughout the world and is consumed in different ways. Its origin is in Asia Minor.


It is cultivated mostly in South America, Africa and the Pacific. Thanks to its high nutritional value is well known. There are varieties such as the forest that is highly poisonous and that of the highlands, which is minimally poisonous.

Jicama Or Mexican Turnip

It is known as the Mexican turnip. It is a legume from Mexico and Central America.


It is a tuber rich in fiber and minerals that reaches sizes of only 6 centimeters in diameter.


It is a perennial plant 50 cm high. It is believed that they are native to West Africa. It is used to make horchata (orxata) a drink from Spain and Mexico.


It is a climbing plant of warm and humid areas.

With this list of the best known tubers you can know what they are.


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