Tradescantia Spathacea

tradescantia spathacea

Tradescantia Spathacea Care

Currently this indoor plant is integrated into the genus Tradescantia , because previously considered the genus Rhoeo as different. It is native to Central America.

It is also known by the vulgar names of inmate or purple maguey. It is a poisonous plant by ingestion.

They are perennial and herbaceous plants with decorative concave and erect leaves that arise in rosette of the short stem and are green in the beam and purple in the back. The flowers have no ornamental interest and are white or bluish and seem half hidden at the base of the leaves.

It is used as an indoor or greenhouse plant; If the weather allows it, they constitute a good covering element.

, Tradescantia Spathacea

Tradescantia Spathacea

The Rhoeo needs a bright exposure but without direct sun, an average temperature of about 20 ºC and a high humidity (spray frequently if the environment is dry).

The soil should be rich and moist with some garden soil.

Watering enough so that the earth is always somewhat wet but never waterlogged; in winter reduce the risks.

Although you do not need pruning you can remove old leaves or give a small pruning to compact it.

Feed biweekly with mineral fertilizer during spring and summer.

It is a plant quite resistant to pests as long as the humidity does not go down a lot. We also have to monitor the risks so as not to overdo it and mushrooms appear.

They multiply from seeds or, more advisable, by lateral cuttings.

, Tradescantia Spathacea
Tradescantia Spathacea


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