Orchid Close Up

We must remember that if the closure of the flowers obeys natural causes. For example, that the period of 7 or 8 weeks has already passed. Therefore, it is a completely normal process. We can know that this is the cause (apart from time already elapsed) because the flowers begin to wither in the order of greatest antiquity. Thus, the first to do so will be the first to flourish on the staff (usually the ones below).

Flower closed due to natural causes:

Flower closed. In this photo we observe how a flower of a Phalaenopsis has begun to close. It is the oldest of the rod and that assumes that it follows its normal course.

orchid close up

Another aspect to consider when we close the flowers of a stick is if the stick remains green or is taking a light brown. Sometimes an orchid can decide for reasons such as lack of water or excess of this, sacrifice all the floral rod so that all the flowers will fall quickly when the sap does not arrive.

A common situation that causes an orchid close up, is the pollination process that is being undertaken by an insect. In such scenario, the orchid will close.


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