Terrace oriental design – 6 ideas for a terrace like from 1001 night

For those who like it opulent and colourful, but still stylish, an orientally designed terrace is exactly the right thing. Bring the dream of 1001 nights home.

Oriental terrace
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Anyone who has ever travelled to the faraway lands of the Orient knows that the Orient with all its facets, colours and smells knows how to convince. Once you’ve been there, you’ll always want to remember it. But why only reminisce when you can also bring the oriental flair home? With the skilful mix of colours, patterns and light, you can fulfil your dream of 1001 nights on the terrace in no time at all. There you can let yourself fall and dive into the wonderful world of the Orient.

This is how you design your terrace orientally

❍ Tip 1 – Colour design:

Before we start with the actual furnishing of the terrace, we first devote ourselves to the colour design. Because the oriental furnishing can go in two different directions. In the natural, rather earthy direction or in the colourful one. Depending on the furnishing variant, you should use the following colors:

natural furnishings colourful decor
❍ Brown
❍ Beige
<font color=#38B0DE>-=❍=- Proudly Presents
❍ Fireplace red
❍ mustard yellow
❍ Yellow
❍ Blue
❍ Green
<font color=”#ffff00″>-=❍=- sync:ßÇÈâÈâ
❍ Grey

In the Orient, colors even have a deeper meaning. In Morocco, for example, the color blue symbolizes expanse and protection from evil spirits.

❍ Tip 2 – Floor design:

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