Orchid Meaning

Orchid Meaning

To know the true meaning of orchids, we would have to go back to the Victorian era, when flowers and flower arrangements were used to send messages between lovers. 
These messages with flowers , could not be expressed in words due to the rigidity of the protocols and … because sometimes, those relationships were not framed within the prevailing “morality”. 
At that time, orchids were not exactly the best flowers to send messages, the reason is obvious: Although the language of flowers and messages through flowers in Europe began in the seventeenth century, at the court of Charles II of England It is not until the same seventeenth century that orchids begin to be known and popularized in Europe.
But quickly the orchids have occupied a privileged place in floral arrangements. 
The diversity of colors, varieties, sizes and types of flowers, with more than 30,000 varieties of different orchids , have boosted orchids to the rank of the most elegant and distinguished flowers of nature.

Table Of Contents

  • 1 Gift orchids
  • 2 white orchids
  • 3 Red orchids
  • 4 Yellow orchids
  • 5 Orchids purple
  • 6 Pink orchids
  • 7 blue orchids
  • 8 green orchids

Gift Orchids

Give orchids It seems to me an absurdity to cut the floral rods of the orchids to make flower arrangements, although I understand that the florist industry works like this. 
I say this because the flowering of orchids , although dilated in time, since their flowers can last between two and three months, occurs only once a year in most of the specimens. I’m very sorry to cut some flowers, which I can enjoy much longer in a pot. 
However, you have to surrender to the evidence, giving orchids is giving beauty and of course we send a very clear message, the person to whom we are making the present is very much appreciated and admired.
Giving orchids is loaded with great symbolism, just as other flowers were in the past. Each color of orchids is given a meaning,which can be more curious than real (if the person receiving the orchids does not know their meaning), but which we can use to our advantage …

White Orchids

White orchids All, all, all white flowers are a declared symbol of purity , that’s why white orchids emit a clear message, whether we are giving away white orchids, or using them as decoration: sincerity, purity, eternity … 
It is not unusual to find Many bridal bouquets contain white orchids, or are used in flower centers as decoration on such a marked day. 
If we give away white orchids, we are offering a pure, unconditional and sincere love. An ideal gift among lovers, to demonstrate the depth of feelings.

Red orchids

Red is associated with passion, first love, carnal desire, those feelings that only happen at the beginning of relationships as a couple. 
If what we want is to demonstrate and say without words that we die for love, the best thing is to give some red orchids. 
They are the perfect flowers for those dates so indicated, although I recognize that they are very commercial, like the day of the lovers or a special anniversary. 
Just keep in mind that you have to give red flowers when there is a certain feeling , and you have taken the first steps in a relationship. If you give away red orchids on the first date, you can scare the other person


Yellow orchids

Yellow is a color that I love, it gives off luminosity and is associated with success, wealth and luxury. 
It seems that giving away yellow orchids has certain sexual connotations, as if yellow orchids were an invitation. 
I think they do not have to have just that meaning. For me the yellow flowers are cheerful and fun, I love them and can give themselves simply for the pleasure of doing it or to show some respect and friendship

Purple Orchids

The purple or purple orchids are very appreciated. 
The purple color has always been associated with the ecclesiastical and legal estates, not in vain are colors present in much of its symbolism. 
We could say that the purple is a “fair” color, and that it would be a good idea to offer purple orchids to someone who is distinguished by being coherent, and who is governed by principles of equality and justice. 
It does not have to be a person related to these professions, we just think that is right, fair and we want to show our affection, affection and gratitude for their way of guiding their decisions.

Pink Orchids

The pink orchids leave aside the passion of the red orchids, to enter more into the feelings of the lovers. 
You could say that pink orchids are for declarations of love , and not for declarations of passion. 
In this sense and being a suitable flower to declare love, it can also be a perfect present to give to a mother, or for a friend.

Blue orchids

Blue is the color of business, but also of peace and harmony. If you want to make peace with your partner, but without saying a word, give some blue orchids. 
They are also suitable as a present among coworkers, or as a demonstration of appreciation among people who are going to close a business, hoping that the outcome is the best for both parties.

Green Orchids

The green, which is not a very common color in flowers, it is possible to find it in orchids, where the number of existing hybrids offer a very wide palette of colors.
So, if you want to give green orchids, you can do it.

But what are you going to transmit? It is a color that is associated with hope, spontaneity, freedom and nature. 
In short, if we give away green orchids we want to transmit trust, support a person who is having a bad time and hope that everything will be resolved.

Purple Orchids

On sale you will find a good number of purple orchids , perhaps the most popular for us are the Phalaenopsis. 
But the purple color in the orchids is not exclusive to the Phalaenopsis, you will find many more varieties of orchids in purple, such as the Vanda or Dendrobium , to name some of the most recognizable to us.


  • 1 How to care for a purple orchid?
    • 1.1 Characteristics and care of purple orchids Phalaenopsis
    • 1.2 Main characteristics and care of Dendrobium purple orchids
    • 1.3 Care of purple Vanda orchids
  • 2 Meaning of purple orchids
  • 3 Images and photos of purple orchids

How to care for a purple orchid?

There is no exclusive care for purple orchids , how there is no specific care for white or black orchids , because their care will depend on the variety of orchid we have or want to buy. 
The basic care of the three varieties that I have mentioned, which will be the most easily achieved in the trade are:

Characteristics and care of purple orchids Phalaenopsis

  • Scientific name: Phalaenopsis orchid
  • Common name: Butterfly orchid, garlic orchid, mouth orchid
  • Origin: Southeast Asia
  • Orchid type : Epiphyte
  • Flowering: Spring. Lasts 4 to 8 weeks
  • Location: A lot of lighting, without direct sun
  • Watering: By observation. They do not support wet roots
  • Humidity: High 60% -70%
  • Level of difficulty: Low
  • File: Phalaenopsis orchid

Main characteristics and care of Dendrobium purple orchids

  • Scientific name: Dendrobium Orchid
  • Common name: Dendrobium
  • Origin: Southeast Asia, Australia and Tasmania
  • Orchid type : Epiphyte
  • Flowering: Spring. Some specimens have flowers that last up to six months
  • Location: A lot of lighting, without direct sun
  • Irrigation: There are two types of Dendrobium, with different irrigation needs. To know how to water each one, visit his file.
  • Humidity: Average 50% -60%
  • Level of difficulty: Low, although it is very important to respect the periods of rest, so that they return to bloom
  • Card: Dendrobium orchid

Care for Purple Vanda Orchids

  • Scientific name: Orchid Vanda
  • Common name: Vanda
  • Origen: Asia tropical, India, Australia
  • Orchid type : Epiphytic or lithophyte
  • Flowering: All year round
  • Location: A lot of lighting, without direct sun
  • Irrigation: Very frequent, up to twice a day if grown in baskets
  • Humidity: High 70% -80%
  • Level of difficulty: High
  • Sheet: Orchid Vanda

Meaning of purple orchids

The color of orchids acquires a certain meaning when we make a gift , while … having white, black or purple orchids at home is only a matter of personal taste for flowers. 
If we receive or want to give purple orchids, we should know that their color has to do with justice, knowledge or coherence. 
In this sense we can give some purple orchids to someone, simply because their color seems attractive to us (which it is and a lot), but also how it shows our appreciation for their personal balance.

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