Non Flowering Plants

Non Flowering Plants With Examples For the Garden Of For A Pot

The plants without flowers are, although it may seem on the contrary, a marvel. Due to their stems or trunks and their leaves, they are species that look great in gardens, even if it is full of beautiful petals. In addition, the gymnosperms are the first that appeared on Earth, long before the dinosaurs did about 360 million years ago.

So, if you like plants, let’s call them prehistoric plants, here is a small selection of 5 plants without flowers for garden and / or pot .

non flowering plants

Cycas revoluta

The Cycas is one of the most loved plants today. It pretty much resembles a small palm tree, barely 2-4 meters high , but it has nothing to do with it. It has a crown composed of more than 20 pinnate leaves, coriaceous and green. Its rate of growth is rather slow, but its life expectancy is 200-300 years, so you just have to put it in the sun(acclimatizing it earlier if it comes from a greenhouse) and enjoy it.

Resists frost of up to -11ºC.

Dicksonia antarctica

It is an arboreal fern with very slow growth that reaches 2-3 meters in height. Its leaves are long, up to 1m, pinnate and very nice pale green. The stem is wide, up to 30cm, but since its roots are not invasive it can be in a pot for years and years, even during its entire life. Of course, you need protection against direct sun, frequent watering, and a substrate or soil that has good drainage and is rich in organic matter .

It resists temperatures of up to -4ºC.


Ginkgo biloba

It is the only tree that belongs to the Gymnosperm family. They call it the Tree of the Shields , because its leaves are shaped like a shield. Its growth is also slow, but it is a very interesting plant since it has a height of 10 meters and its foliage turns yellow during the autumn . And this is not to mention that it is very adaptable: it can live in both temperate and cold climates, as long as during the winter the temperature drops below 0ºC.

Because of its size, it is a garden plant, placed in full sun if the climate is soft-cold or in semi-shade if it is rather warm . It supports temperatures between 38ºC maximum (ideally not exceeding 30ºC), and -18ºC minimum.


Taxodium distichum

The Cypress of the Swamps is a conifer of 6-8 meters with very thin leaves, less than 0.5cm wide, and with a length of 5-6cm. It is a deciduous plant, but before dropping its foliage it is dressed in its orange-reddish autumn suit. It grows quickly if you have plenty of water.

Resists frost without problems of up to -18ºC; however, you will need protection from the direct sun if the temperature rises above 30ºC.


Taxus baccata

It is an evergreen conifer and, by the way, very decorative. It is composed of small, long, thin leaflets, 4-5cm x less than 0.5cm. The new shoots are light green, and as their development finishes they turn dark green . It reaches a height of up to 20 meters, and its trunk can be widened to 4m in diameter.

The yew is ideal to have both semi-shade and full sun . Resists cold and frost of up to -7ºC.


Do you know other non flowering plants? Provide us some examples you know in the comments section below.

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