Steel wall pool cladding at an affordable price – 3 creative ideas for the small purse

To fulfil your dream of your own pool is no longer so difficult today, thanks to many self-made kits. Unfortunately, steel wall pools never look particularly beautiful. That’s why we need a disguise.

Pool cheaply disguise
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When it’s really hot outside, it’s easy to dream. Now lie beautifully on the beach and jump into the cool water – that would be something. Or jump into the pool and cool down. But why only dream when you can fulfill this dream in no time at all? After all, there are so many ways you can integrate a swimming pool into your garden. To have a pool built is not that expensive anymore.

If you like it even cheaper, you can also use a pool set and build your own pool. With the purchase of a pool set you get everything you need for your own steel wall pool: Pool including pool ladder and handrail, all the products you need to filter the water and water analysis and maintenance aids. You only have to bring a little technical skill with you, then nothing stands in the way of your dream of your own pool.

The only problem: non-submerged steel wall pools are visually not a real eye-catcher. But now the pool and the construction has already cost a lot and now the cladding must not be so expensive anymore. She doesn’t have to. Finally, there are some creative ideas on how you can clad the steel wall pool beautifully and also inexpensively. See for yourself.

Pool cladding for the small purse – 3 ideas

Covering a steel wall pool with wood or stones is quite an expensive affair. These three lining ideas are considerably cheaper.

❶ Plant steel wall pool with flowers:

Such a steel wall pool is usually always white or blue from the outside. On green lawns and between flowers this is of course a rather harsh contrast. So why not simply green the pool? Dig a small ditch around the pool and place flowers and shrubs of your choice. Especially bulrushes, Chinese reed and lamp cleaner grass look great around the pool. Of course you can also transplant the pool with shrubs and bushes.

If you want to change the “border” of the steel wall pool from time to time, it is best to put the plants in tubs. Round plant pots for round pools and square plant pots for square pools are of course the best choice. Just let your creativity run wild. If you make your pool winterproof, don’t forget that the plants also need winter protection or even need to be brought into the house for the winter.

❷ Cover the steel wall pool with reed or bamboo mats:

Surely you have seen a cladding made of bamboo or reed mats in one or the other garden. For example, on a balcony railing as a privacy screen. Of course, you can also use these mats to cover your pool. This is inexpensive (see e.g. at, can be cut to the right pool height and also looks really nice. Since the mats are flexible, they are also suitable for all pool shapes.

❸ Steel wall pool with foil beautify:

If you like it very unusual and maybe even conspicuous, just stick a foil on the edge of the pool. I have seen that there is such a thing on And that looks really great. There are even many different designs to choose from. There really should be something for every taste. From wood and steel optics to underwater motifs and unusual designs, everything is included. And it’s not that difficult to apply the film.

If this is not enough for you, you can also continue inside the steel wall pool. What there is for the outside, there is of course also for the inside. Class, right? This gives the pool a very individual touch. In this video you can see how easy it is to apply the film:

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