Integrating a sandpit in the garden – 14 creative ideas

Integrating a sandpit in the garden – 14 creative ideas

What should not be missing in any garden? Of course, a sandbox! This does not have to be elaborately designed. You can simply create a sand pit and then surround it with stones. Simple, but practical, because you don’t have to trim any edges with scissors when mowingthe lawn.

Sandpit with stone border

© Jeanette Dietl –

Sandpit with embedded wooden frame

Sandpit with wooden frame
© leopold –

Instead of stones, the sandpit can also be framed with wood. Many creative forms can be conjured up with it. By the way: If the sandpit becomes redundant at some point, you can create a rock garden from it. You can find out how to do this here .

The classic: wooden sandpit

Sandpit made of wood

This model is a real classic among sandboxes. Although it is very simple, it can also be assembled quickly and easily. This sandpit model is also very cheap. At Amazon you can get a square wooden sandpit for under 40 dollars.

Wooden sandpit somewhat embellished

Colorful wooden sandpit
© Africa Studio –

If you don’t like the previous sandpit so plain and simple, you can simply paint it brightly. Your kids will love that. Especially if you can choose the colors yourself and can also help with painting.

Sandpit with plastic edging

Sandpit with plastic edging
© yurchello108 –

If you would like to move the sandpit or completely dismantle it in winter, you are very well advised with a model that can be plugged together. These sandboxes are made of plastic and can be set up in a few minutes and are also easy to clean.

All in one: sandpit with bench and cover

Sandpit with benches and cover
© Marco2811 –

It is always perfect if the sandpit also offers good seating for the children. However, it is even better if it also has a cover. With this model you have everything in one. Unfold the two sides of the lid, and it becomes a bench.

Noble sandpit with border

Noble sandpit with border
© murmakova –

If you have a pretty stylish garden, you naturally want the sandpit to match the garden style. As you can see in this picture, sometimes a beautiful border alone makes a lot of sense.

For DIY people: Build a sandpit from tractor tires yourself

Sandpit tractor tires
© LaDonna –

If you accidentally get hold of an old tractor tire, you should definitely not let it slip through your fingers. You can build a sandpit out of a tractor tire. Read here how to do it .

Rowboat as a sandpit

Rowboat as a sandpit
© crimson –

But a sandpit can not only be conjured up from a tractor tire. For example, if you still have a small, old wooden boat standing around, you can also use it to conjure up a sandpit for the little ones. Simply paint in colors, fill in sand, done!

Plastic boats like sandpits

Plastic boat like Sandkasten
© shootingankauf –

If you only have a small garden, you are best advised with a plastic sandpit. If you need space, you can simply empty the sand and stow the sandpit. Best of all, you don’t have to set up the sandpit. It is also easy to clean and can also be used as a paddling pool.

Sandkasten für Balkon und Terrasse

Sandkasten für Balkon und Terrasse
© Stefan Arendt –

Kunststoff-Sandkästen sind aber nicht nur etwas für kleine Gärten. Wer nur einen Balkon oder eine Terrasse besitzt, ist mit so einem Modell auch sehr gut beraten. Sie gibt es in den unterschiedlichsten Größen, Formen und Farben zu kaufen. Besonders beliebt ist z.B. die Sandmuschel, da sie Sandkasten und Planschbecken in einem ist.

Practical: the sandpit table

Sandpit table
© darkhorse2012 –

A sandpit table is also ideal for a balcony. The great thing: when folded up, the kids can use it as a normal table. When opened, it offers a real play paradise for children. With and without chairs, the sandpit table is available quite cheap.

Playground with a large sandpit

© –

Children love playgrounds. So why not create your own playground for the little ones? The whole thing can then stand on a “large sandpit”. So you have everything in one.

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