Rustic garden decoration – inspirations and ideas for a robust look

Rustic garden decoration radiates cosiness and can be realised with relatively little effort. Be inspired by my ideas!

, Rustic garden decoration – inspirations and ideas for a robust look
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According to a survey conducted by the Internet platform, around 73 percent of all garden owners stay in their green domicile every day. This survey should not be taken too seriously, as this figure will certainly not apply in winter. The fact is, however, that the number of garden lovers is increasing, regardless of whether a pure kitchen garden is preferred or whether it is a mixture of an ornamental garden and a self-sufficient area.

Decoration plays a major role in the latter, because anyone who uses their garden for recreation also attaches importance to “cosiness”. What exactly finds its place in the garden always depends on personal taste. At we have already presented you with a variety of ideas on how you can design your garden in vintage style, create autumnal decorations or set Mediterranean accents with terracotta figures. This article will focus primarily on rustic garden design and corresponding decorative accessories. The trend towards the “rough” is returning – also to our gardens.

What makes a rustic garden decoration?

For me, the word rustic immediately associates pictures in my head that remind me of grandma’s old farmer’s cupboard – rough ornamentation and robust forms must not be missing under any circumstances. In contrast to the puristic decoration, where linear, modern forms are important, the rustic garden decoration captivates with rural elements and above all a lot of wood. If you want to create “real” eye-catchers and an original rustic style, you are in search of antique treasures. The best places to go are small ad portals on the Internet or flea markets. If you like to browse, you will find current flea market dates on, either sorted by federal states or postcode.

But also in the trade there is meanwhile a huge selection of decoration elements for lovers of the rustikalen style, which were arranged after “old” model. For example, offers flower pots and plant carts made of wood that can be perfectly integrated into a rustic garden design. The advantage of these decorative pieces compared to his “old ancestors” is that they have been treated weather-resistant and are therefore more durable.

3 ideas for your rustic garden decoration

Practically, the following garden design ideas in rustic style are not only an ornament in your garden, but also useful elements. This means that you can plant the decorative elements according to your personal wishes.

Wheelbarrow or hand trolley pimped on

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Those who spent their childhood in the countryside still know the good old handcart or wheelbarrow. In the past it was used to transport hay or manure, today it is used to decorate pimped-up carts Your garden. You can change the look individually and thus achieve different accents. In order to stay true to the rustic appearance, you should not use bright colours – natural wood tones are better. Rusty drawbars or wheels do not have to be polished; on the contrary, they give them their rustic charm. Lavender works particularly well in your cart model, but herbs such as parsley, dill or basil can also be planted.

Attention: Before filling in the soil and planting, it is essential to lay out foil and place a layer of gravel about 2 cm high on top.

Garden furniture with a difference

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Chairs, loungers and even Hollywood swings are an indispensable part of a cosy garden corner. If a piece of seating furniture should no longer look so beautiful, don’t throw it away with the bulky waste! Disused wooden chairs or garden benches can be beautifully converted into rustic garden decorations. All it takes is a little imagination, suitable plants and natural materials. You will find inspiration in the picture gallery above.

Wooden boxes – the all-rounders

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In the past, empty fruit and wine crates piled up in the delivery area of supermarkets, today it is difficult to get such specimens. The reason for this is the increasing popularity of building shelves yourself from them (detailed instructions for printing on and using them for various decorative purposes in the home. But also in the garden the empty wooden boxes can be an eye-catcher. It doesn’t take much, because it is enough to stack boxes of different sizes on top of each other and then equip them with lanterns, herb pots or Christmas decorations.


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