Garden party in bad weather – that’s how grilling works anyway

Don’t rely on the weather when planning a garden party. With some preparation and clever ideas, your event will never fall into the water.

Garden party in case of bad weather
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Plucking weeds, planting vegetables and harvesting fruit are tasks that make a hobby gardener happy. But the absolute highlight is probably when you can use your garden as an oasis of relaxation after work. Spontaneous garden parties are therefore not uncommon and what could be better than a barbecue with friends and family? to start throwing and let God be a good man. The problem in our beautiful country is that the weather unfortunately does not stick to our plans. If it suddenly starts raining while the first sausages have taken on a golden brown colour, good advice is expensive. Usually there is only the escape into the house and a brave grill master, armed with an umbrella, continues to take care of the physical well-being.

But if there are bigger events like school enrolment, birthday or christening, you shouldn’t hope for nice weather. If you want to be on the safe side, you have to have a plan B so that the garden party doesn’t literally fall into the water. I can’t guarantee 100% success with my tips either, but at least you are prepared if the weather forecast for “your big day” suddenly predicts no more sunshine.

Rain protection: Keeps guests and barbecue dry

Awning Garden
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Rain is pretty much the most suboptimal thing that can happen to you at a garden party. So it is important to keep the grill and the guests dry. In the best case your terrace has a roof, then the problem is already solved.


If not, it is worth purchasing a weatherproof awning. As I could read at Steda, one should pay special attention to the material of the used awning fabric, so that raindrops roll off easily and one can remain comfortably under it even with a bigger shower. For very sensitive minds you should have a few simple, thin rain capes ready. They don’t cost more than one dollar and are available at Tedi.


The classic in itself, which proves itself time and again, is a garden pavilion. There are now countless models and variants, so it should not be difficult for you to find the right pavilion for your purposes.

My tip: Don’t set up the pavilion only on the day of the party, because sometimes this act takes some time.

The size is of course dependent on the number of guests, do not calculate too tightly so that each guest can sit comfortably. Roughly speaking, you will need a pavilion of about 4 x 6m for approx. 25 people. If you have many guests, but do not want to buy an XXL pavilion, you can also rent a suitable party tent on the Portal Mietmeile.

Grilling in the rain

So how do you protect your barbecue from the rain? Sometimes a slightly larger parasol is enough, but be careful of rising flames! It’s better to get a “weatherproof” grill right away. This refers to grill models with a “hood”, i.e. a kettle grill with a lid, or a multifunctional BBQ Smoker, which can also be placed under the pavilion.

Defy wind and cold

Firebowl garden
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Guests who freeze will become uncomfortable and will spoil your mood. To prevent this from happening, you must organise an alternative if there is no sun.

Fire bowl or fire basket

If it is cool, but not raining, a fire bowl or a fire basket is recommended. Remember to get the appropriate firewood in good time!

terrace heaters

Terrace radiant heaters are even better and usually more warming. Even though the things so hot, you can use the radiant heater of course not only on the terrace. The prerequisite is that your copy is transportable and has the appropriate castors. Of course, there are also simple variants that are powered by electricity, but they are only useful if there is an electricity connection nearby. In my opinion, gas-powered patio heaters are more optimal, and if you look at the models of smart furniture, I am sure that your guests will not only have it cosy and warm, but will also cast “envious” glances at the noble item.

wind deflector

Planning a perfect wind protection is quite difficult, because you never know from which corner it is blowing. But at least make sure that there is no draught in the seating area if you are sitting outside. With a little creativity you can pull a windbreak out of a sun sail or another tarpaulin between two trees. It can’t withstand a hurricane, but it can withstand a fresh breeze. If you don’t want it to be the mobile version, but want to have a permanent windbreak (also for later celebrations), then I recommend so-called privacy fences. The fence systems are available in almost any desired height and width and they not only keep out the wind but also protect against prying eyes.

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