Make your own cross burial plan – explained step by step

Decorating a grave means not only planting flowers on it. You can also decorate it with a flower arrangement at any time. If you do it yourself, you can even adapt it to the season.

, Make your own cross burial plan – explained step by step
Such a flower arrangement is quickly homemade

At the latest on All Saints’ Day and on the Sunday of the Dead all pilgrims go to the cemetery and lay down burial arrangements to honour and commemorate the deceased. But why only on these days? Sure, buying burial stucco can get pretty expensive over time. Of course it is easier to plant only flowers on the grave. You can also make the grave arrangements yourself. This is really not difficult and above all not cost-intensive. So take your time and make your own burial set.

The best: You can let your creativity run free and adapt the arrangement to the season. How about a cross-digging, for example? The basic structure is very easy to produce and beautify. Just give it a try!

That’s what you need:

  • plug-in foam
  • polystyrene disk
  • wire
  • pliers
  • knives
  • pen
  • ruler
  • hot glue gun
  • scissors
  • decorative material

Instructions for a cross burial set

, Make your own cross burial plan – explained step by stepTake the polystyrene plate and draw a cross on it with a ruler and pencil. You can determine the size yourself. But don’t make it too small, you should be able to see it on the grave later. Then cut out the shape with the knife.

❷ Now take the plug-in foam at hand. You can buy these in handicraft shops or also here in blocks. Use the polystyrene cross as a template and cut the foam to size. The foam cross may later consist of several parts.

❸ If you have cut the cross form from plug-in foam to size, then take the parts and stick them with the hot glue gun on the polystyrene cross. If there is any styrofoam or plug-in foam protruding, you can cut it off with a knife. Now you have actually already done most of the work.

, Make your own cross burial plan – explained step by stepNext, you need to figure out how you want to beautify the cross. Always adapt it to the season. For example, you can use fresh flowers or dried flowers, fir branches, pine or fir cones, tree bark and much more.

It is best to always start the beautification at the edge. You can stick tree bark, moss or leaves on it. You can also work with flowers here.

, Make your own cross burial plan – explained step by stepNext comes the top. If you are working with dried flowers, you can simply insert them into the plug-in foam. This also applies to real flowers with a firm stem. With filigree flowers, on the other hand, it is better to wrap the stems with wire and only then position them in the foam. All other decorative elements such as cones, twigs, pearls, etc. are best stuck to the arrangement with the hot glue gun. And you’re done!

That really wasn’t hard, was it? And not expensive either. In principle you only have to spend money for the polystyrene board and the foam. You can also buy a ready-made plant cross made of plug-in foam (e.g. here). You’ll find the rest in nature.

Here are some creative ideas to imitate:

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