Hybiscus Syriacus

Hybiscus Syriacus

The Hibiscus syriacus or Rosa de Siria is a shrub that brightens the garden for a good part of the year. It is perfect both as a hedge and as a tree, as it can grow up to 3 meters high. And its flowers … what about its flowers? They are elegant, very colorful, and the best thing is that they are sprouting for a whole month: from mid-summer to mid-autumn.


It is a very pretty plant, which can be had in any type of garden and even in a pot. Let’s know how to have her beautiful.

The Hibiscus syriacus is a deciduous plant (that is to say, it loses it in winter and returns to produce new ones in spring), native to South and East Asia. It belongs to the botanical family Malvaceae, and is commonly called as Rose of Syria or Altea. It has large leaves, up to 7cm, bright green. Its flowers can be red, pink, white, violet … There is so much variety, that you can have a hedge of plants whose flowers are a different color. It will be very original ????.

In addition, it must be said that, although it is very similar to Hibiscus rosa-sinensis , the reality is that they are not so similar. The Rose of China is beautiful, but unfortunately it does not resist intense frost (at -2ºC it already suffers damage); On the other hand, our protagonist does tolerate the cold: up to -10ºC.

To have it healthy it is advisable to put it in an area where sunlight directly. In this way, you can show off more. Of course, the soil or substrate must have good drainage , so it is advisable to mix it with pearlite at 20%. So the roots can grow and develop in a healthier way.

If we talk about irrigation, you will have to water about 3 times a week in summer and every 6 days the rest of the year. It is highly recommended to take advantage of and pay once a month while making good time with organic fertilizers, such as guano or horse manure.

hybiscus syriacus

So, what do you think about Hibiscus syriacus?

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