How To Kill A Tree

How To Kill A Tree

We are living in a time when there is a natural phenomenon that we all know by the name of global warming, but in addition to that there is progressive deforestation and pollution in general throughout the world.

This is what forces us as human beings to protect the environment. However, on certain occasions we have to make the difficult decision of having to eliminate a tree, either due to lack of space or for reasons of our own safety or that of a neighbor .

how to kill a tree

Ways To Kill A Tree

f it is the case that we have a tree trunk in our garden that is generating new shoots, we have to eliminate it, since it is possible that it continues with its growth. For this we show you a few methods that we can use for this task.

Use salt from Epsom or rock salt

The first thing we have to do is buy the salt of Epsom or rock salt, this being a fairly simple way to eliminate a tree stump if we do not have a lot of money . However, we must bear in mind that if we use this method it will take us a few months for the stump to die, therefore, this is not the best alternative if we want to eliminate it as quickly as possible.


We should not use common salt, because this is quite harmful to the soil where the stump is located. We have to use the salt of Epson or the 100% rock salt without having added ingredients, so we can be sure that the earth surrounding the stump does not suffer any alterations.

If this is a stump that you have difficulties to kill, we can try with a chemical product or a herbicide that has between its components glyphosate or tricoplir in place of the salt. Of course, the herbicide will remove the tree trunk as quickly as possible , but we must keep in mind that it will kill the roots of the plants or the trees that are around.

We have to drill a hole pattern along the entire surface of the trunk so that the solution can enter correctly.

These holes must have a size of 1.4 to 2.5 cm wide and at least 20.3 cm deep or in their difference 30.5 cm if our drill is long enough and is that a deep penetration is what that will give us the assurance that the solution with the salt can reach all the roots of the trunk and if the roots of the trunk are too large, we have to perforate them in the same way.

Then we fill each hole with the salt and cover it with wax . For this we fill each hole with ¾ of salt of Epsom or salt of rock, without forgetting those holes that we also made in the roots of the trunk.

Then we light a common candle and add the wax in the holes to be able to seal them , being of great importance that we make sure that the salt is in a place, instead of being scattered in the patio, because the salt in excess can be harmful to the roots of the other plants that we have in the garden.

Now cover the trunk and to do so we put a plastic sheet , a garbage bag or anything else that helps to cover the trunk. In this way it will dry much faster since it does not have sunlight, it receives rainwater, therefore the shoots will not be able to continue feeding.

Cover the trunk to avoid the sun’s rays

The first step is to cover the trunk, this being a low cost technique, but it can take a long time. By this we mean to dry the trunk slowly by removing all the basic needs.

For this we place a dark colored canvas or a plastic bag on it so that it can not receive sun or water. Afterwards, we should only wait for 3 to 6 months, since at this time the trunk will dry slowly, having to check from time to time to see how the process is going. We will notice that the trunk will begin to rot and crumble.

We have to cut any shoot that grows around the trunk and is that if we cover the trunk will cause anything else to grow, but while it is not dry we have to cut all shoots that appear at the base of the trunk.

Another solution that we have to use for this is to paint them with a brush that contains some triclopir.

Other techniques we can use to eliminate a tree

In this first method we have to use the drill

We start by making some holes with the drill that do not have a measurement greater than half an inch, taking into account that we have to follow the circumference of the trunk . Then we have to make the holes , filling using a fertilizer with high hydrogen content.

As the days go by, a mushroom will grow in the holes, which will decompose the wood , something that can take four or six weeks.

In this second method we have to use nails

In the second method to eliminate a tree we have to use some nails that are copper .

We need a lot of copper nails and if possible, they are large. We just have to nail them to the trunk of the tree, something that will cause the fungus to enter the tree to decompose it.

In this third method we have to use a chainsaw

And finally, the best method we can use to eliminate a tree no matter what the reason, is using a chainsaw.

For this task, all we have to do is make an assessment of the size of the tree, since falling could cause significant damage to any property that is nearby. Because it is a fairly simple task it is not necessary that we should leave this activity in the hands of an expert person, however, we must take into account certain security measures.

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