Hibiscus Sabdariffa Roselle

Hibiscus Sabdariffa Roselle

The herbaceous are a type of plants that can not miss in a garden, since they are what give color and shape. There are many species, but this time I’m going to talk about the Hibiscus sabdariffa , or roselle which is an annual malvaceae (lives a year) that can reach between 1 and 3 meters in height.

It is known as a Jamaican plant , although it is actually native to tropical Africa. Next we tell you how to take care of it .

Origin and characteristics

Our protagonist is an annual plant native from Egypt and Sudan to Senegal whose scientific name is Hibiscus sabdariffa . It is popularly known as Jamaica plant, Jamaica rose, Abyssinia rose, rosella, Guinea sour or saril. It grows until reaching a maximum height of 3 meters, with tri or pentalobulate leaves of about 15cm in length, alternating in the stem. The flowers measure from 8 to 10cm in diameter, are red at the base and pale at the ends , but what is most striking is the calyx that is intense red, fleshy and rich in malic acid.

Today it is known to have diuretic, antihypertensive, antiparasitic and even laxative properties . To take advantage of them, infusions are made with the chalice.

How to take care of it?

If you want to have a plant specimen from Jamaica, we recommend providing the following care:

  • Location : grows well in semi-shade, although the ideal is to give sunlight directly.
  • Earth :
    • Pot: universal growing medium mixed with 30% perlite.
    • Garden: it must be fertile, with good drainage.
  • Watering : 3 or 4 times a week in summer, and slightly less the rest of the year.
  • Subscriber : during the whole season with ecological fertilizers , once a month.
  • Multiplication : by seeds in spring.
  • Rusticity : does not resist the cold.

What do you think of this plant? Did you know her?

Don Burke

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