Hibiscus China Rose

Hibiscus China Rose (Rosa Chinensis)

The bushes or small trees known as hibiscus or China Rose , whose scientific name is Hibiscus rosa-chinensis , are plants with beautiful and colorful flowers that go from red to white, through orange, pink and bicolor (white with the center of red color, for example). Its ornamentality also lies in its leaves, which are quite large dark green, and remain on the plant throughout the year.


It can grow up to a height of five meters, but in cultivation, specimens with that height are rarely found. In gardening it is used more as a hedge, as an isolated tree in small gardens , or as a pot plant in which it can live without problems throughout its life.

Originally from China, it can live in tropical, subtropical or even Mediterranean climates as long as the frosts are very mild. Otherwise, it would be necessary to protect the Rose of China inside the home during the winter months.

It can bloom throughout the year if the weather accompanies, but if it is cold it only does it in summer. The flowers remain open for about a week, after that time they close and, unless they have been pollinated, fall to the ground with relative ease.

In cultivation should be located in an area that does not give direct sunlight, only early in the morning or that has filtered light. The direct sun throughout the day can weaken the Rose of China, since it is not genetically adapted to live exposed to the solar star all day.

The substrate must be fertile, containing some draining material and rich in organic matter. An ideal mix would be 60% black peat, 30% mulch and 10% perlite (approximate percentages).

The Rose of China is resistant to pests and diseases, but it is advisable to monitor new flowers and buds as aphids could attack them. Also avoid excessive watering so that the roots do not rot.

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