Golden Chain Tree

Golden Chain Tree: A Beautiful Tree With Hanging Flowers

The Golden Chain tree, scientifically known as Laburnum anagyroides , (Laburnum species are generally addressed as Golden Chain trees, such as the Laburnum alpina) is a deciduous plant that grows to a height of seven meters. Its leaves are light green, trifoliate. It has a rapid growth if the climate is rather temperate, but slow if it is hot with temperatures above 30º.

This is one of the best candidates to have in those gardens where there are no small children. We are facing a highly toxic species , so it is not recommended to plant it in other places than in the mentioned one. Even so, if you like this species a lot and you plan to increase the family, you can choose to have it in a pot and grow it to control its growth. In addition, having a few leaves of reduced size, it is also an ideal species for bonsai .

Laburnum anagyroides – GOLDEN CHAIN TREE

The Golden Chain tree will grow in areas that are preferably calcareous , porous and enriched from time to time with organic fertilizers, such as humus or compost. It is important to give frequent waterings, between 2 and 3 times during the summer period and 1-2 weekly the rest of the year, since it does not resist the drought.

You will be able to contemplate it in all its splendor if in your zone the temperatures are not extreme. The Laburnum does not like too much the intense heat , and this is something that can cause you some other problem in, for example, the gardens located a few kilometers from the shores of the Mediterranean Sea.

For the rest, it is very resistant to pests and diseases , and you should only be careful not to wet the leaves, as the Oidium fungus could appear. Oh, and by the way, now in summer you can take advantage to plant your seeds . How? Very easy: Introduce them 1 second in boiling water and 24 hours in water at room temperature. After this time, put a maximum of two in each seedbed, water abundantly, and in a matter of a few days you will have your own Golden Chain tree seedlings .


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