Flowering Vines

Flowering Vines

The creepers with flowers are wonderful plants. They allow you to cover a space that you had left giving it a new life, a new color, more cheerful. They are our best choice when we want to enjoy a very special garden, where plants attract their pollinators by offering them nectar or honey.

But we can also have an incredible home with them, since there are many species that adapt well to living in indoor conditions. Next we are going to show you 7 creepers with flowers , so that you can have a dream garden, as well as a house or floor that will look like something out of a story.


Bouganvillea brasiliensis

Bougainvillea, whose botanical genus is Bouganvillea, is a semi-deciduous or deciduous plant according to the very peculiar climate. Its flowers are, in fact, very small, white-yellow, but their bracts are very decorative, being able to be pink, red, orange or white. It grows in semi-shade or in full sun, and resists temperatures of up to -4ºC .


Jasmine, or Jasminum, is a very popular climber. Its white flowers give off an aroma that, once you feel it, you do not forget. It is evergreen and you should know that it likes the warm weather , with very soft and punctual frosts, where it can be located in an area protected from the direct sun. But it adapts very well to living indoors, where you prefer to be in a room where lots of light comes in.

Jasminum polyanthum


This beautiful plant is one of the few vines that you can have in a pot all your life. The Mandevilla is evergreen, and its trumpet-shaped flowers can be pink, white or red. It is very sensitive to cold, so if you live in an area where the temperature drops below -1ºC , you should protect it indoors … or always have it there ????.

Winter bignonia

The Winter Bignonia, whose scientific name is Pyrostegia ignea , is a evergreen vine that does not flower in spring like most plants, but does so in the cooler months. It grows both in full sun and in semi-shade. The only negative is that it is very sensitive to frost, but this has an easy solution: it is grown indoors and it is used as a home ????.

Pyrostegia venusta

Solandra maxima

The Solandra maxima is a perennial vine that grows very fast in hot climates. The flowers are very large, up to 20cm, of a beautiful yellow color. And, in addition, it is very adaptable, being able to grow in all types of soils. It resists frosts of up to -3ºC .

Solandra maxima

Trachelospermum jasminoides

The False Jasmine is a climber that reminds a lot of the true jasmine, but unlike this one, it resists cold and frosts well, with minimum temperatures of -10ºC . Its flowers are small, but sprout in such numbers and are so aromatic that they make this plant more and more popular in the gardens.

Trachelospermum jasminoides


And we ended up with the no less interesting Wisteria. This deciduous climbing plant has a life expectancy of 100 years, and produces so many lilac or white flowers that it is really wonderful, since they are also aromatic. It is very rustic, withstanding frosts of up to -10ºC , but for it to grow well, it is essential that the climate is temperate-cold, since temperatures of over 30ºC do not feel too good.


Do you know other flowering vines?

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