Cold Weather Plants

Cold Weather Plants That Also Resist Hot Weather


The oleander , whose scientific name is Nerium oleander , is an evergreen shrub native to the Mediterranean region up to China that reaches a maximum height of 6 meters . It is very cultivated for its low maintenance, but above all for its wonderful flowers which sprout from spring to summer.

He needs a sunny exposure and two or three weekly irrigations. For the rest, it resists the cold until -12ºC and the heat up to 40ºC (as long as it does not lack water).

Japanese maple

The Japanese maple , whose scientific name is Acer palmatum , is a shrub or tree -depending on the deciduous-native species of East Asia. It reaches a height between 5 and 10 meters , and is characterized by having beautiful slapping leaves that change color in autumn.

It is a plant that needs a land and a water with a low pH, between 4 and 6, and a climate with four distinct seasons. Precisely for that reason I wanted to include it in the list, because although it would not survive in a tropical climate, if the temperature in winter goes down from 0 degrees (up to -17ºC it holds) and in summer the mercury goes up to 30-34ºC can grow well . Moreover, mine endure up to 38 º C, but yes: they are planted in akadama and receive water almost daily during the hot season.



The aspidistra is a perennial rhizomatous herbaceous plant native to China, Himalayas and Japan formed by long leaves up to 60cm green. It produces flowers of bluish, violet or ivory color but they do not have ornamental value since they appear at ground level and they are not always seen.

It is one of the most resistant and easy to care plants in the world since it only has to be placed in semi-shade and watered two or maximum three times a week. Resists high temperatures (up to 40ºC) and low temperatures(up to -10ºC).


Cherry Plum or Prunus cerasifera

The cherry plum , whose scientific name is Prunus cerasifera , is a deciduous tree native to central and eastern Europe and the center and southwest of Asia that reaches a height between 6 and 15 meters . It has very nice leaves, 4-6cm long, reddish brown. It blooms in early spring.

He likes the sun and grows well on calcareous soils. As if that were not enough, it resists without problems temperatures between 38 and -15ºC.



The carnation, whose scientific name is Dianthus caryophyllus , is a perennial herbaceous plant native to southern Europe that reaches a height of 1 meter . Its flowers sprout from spring to almost autumn, so having a patio, balcony or happy garden is not at all complicated with it.

All you need is to be in a sunny exhibition and frequent waterings. Resists heat without problems and frosts up to -5ºC .


The lavender is a sub-shrub native to the Mediterranean region plant can reach a height of one meter . Its precious purple inflorescences sprout in spring and summer. And, do you know what you need to live?

Very little: direct sun and little water. Resists frost without difficulty up to -5ºC and high temperatures.

hot and cold weather plants


The rose bush is the most popular flower shrub in the world. Originally from Asia, Europe, North America and north-western Africa, it is characterized by reaching height between 2 to 20 meters depending on the species. It produces flowers, generally aromatic, during great part of the year, and the best thing is that it is only necessary to put it in the outside and to water it 3-4 times per week in summer and every 4-5 days the rest of the year.

Resists from 38ºC to -12ºC.

cold weather plants
The rosebushes endure frosts and high temperatures

Trachycarpus fortunei

This particular variant of the palm tree, whose scientific name is Trachycarpus fortunei , is a palm tree native to central and eastern China that reaches a height of 12 meters . It has a thin trunk about 30-35cm thick, and palmate leaves about 50cm long by 75cm wide.

It is one of the best that resists the cold. In fact, it is capable of holding up to -17ºC without suffering damages. And if we talk about heat, I can tell you that 38ºC does not affect it either, so it is very interesting for cold and hot climates.

cold weather plants

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