Celosia Argentea

Celosia Argentea

The Celosia argentea is a precious herbaceous plant of annual cycle (that is to say, that germinates, grows, blooms and fructifies and then wilts in a year) that is used a lot to decorate gardens, patios and balconies for a few months.

To have it beautiful and to be able to enjoy it, we invite you to read this article in which we will talk about its characteristics and the care it needs.


How is it?

Our protagonist is an annual herbaceous plant native to tropical South America whose scientific name is Celosia argentea var. Plumosa . It is popularly known as Celosia plumosa. It reaches a height between 20 to 80cm, depending on the variety.

Its leaves are simple, lanceolate, with nerves well marked, and measure 3-5cm long. The flowers, which sprout in summer-autumn, are grouped in erect, dense and feathery inflorescences of red, pink, orange or yellow.

What care do you need?

If you want to get a copy, we recommend providing the following care:

  • Location : outside, in full sun.
  • Irrigation : frequent, especially in summer. You have to water every 2 days during the summer season and a little less the rest of the year.
  • Soil : if it is in a pot, use universal growing medium. In case you want to have it on the ground you should know that it grows well on all types of land as long as they have good drainage.
  • Subscriber : during flowering it is advisable to fertilize with a liquid organic fertilizer, such as guano .
  • Planting time : in spring.
  • Multiplication : by seeds in spring. Direct sowing in seedbed. They will germinate in 7-10 days.
  • Rusticity : cannot withstand cold or frost.

What uses does it have?

The Celosia argentea can be kept in a pot decorating the patio, the balcony or the terrace, or in the garden as a massif plant, for example.

Celosia argentea

What do you think of the Celosia argentea ? Did you know her before reading this article?

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