Integrating canopies in conservatories – advantages of sun protection at a glance

An awning as sun protection in the winter garden is already quite an expensive affair. A canopy, on the other hand, is cheaper. And not only that. It has even more advantages.

A canopy looks airy and light
A canopy looks airy and light

Who may call a winter garden his own, has it really well. After all, it is not only the sun’s rays that can be enjoyed here in summer. Also in the cold season a winter garden is something fine, because you can enjoy the snow-covered landscape in cosy warmth. The only problem is that it can get really hot in such a conservatory in summer. You must therefore think about sun protection in good time. And not just on the sides. The roof of the conservatory also needs sun protection.

The classic par excellence for this solution is the awning. They are available in many different versions. But they all have one thing in common: they can be operated at the touch of a button. The only problem is that this luxury costs a lot of money. And that’s not the only problem. Awnings are usually installed outdoors, i.e. above the conservatory. Accordingly, they quickly get dirty. That’s annoying because they can’t really be cleaned. So you must hope that the rain will clean the awning. You will not have all these problems, however, if you decide on a canopy in the conservatory.

Canopies have many advantages

Canopies are fastened from the inside in the winter garden and have many advantages over awnings. They do not only provide shade and coolness in summer and isolate the room in winter. They’re also:

➜ easy to mount:

First, a canopy is attached from the inside. That makes the whole thing a lot easier. And secondly, the construction is not as complex as with an awning. Finally, canopies are only fastened using stainless steel wires (see

➜ cheap:

Since they are much easier to install, canopies are of course also cheaper. They are therefore also a cheaper alternative to awnings.

➜ easy to clean:

If the sunscreen gets dirty, you can simply take it down and wash it. Then let it dry briefly and you can hang it up again.

➜ decorative:

Anyone who has ever sat under a canopy on holiday knows what effect the fabrics have on you. They just invite you to dream. A canopy thus provides a pleasantly light atmosphere. And best of all: you can also exchange the fabrics.

➜ flame-retardant:

Who thinks that it is dangerous to provide the cover of the winter garden with materials is wrong. Even if you serve something flambéed at the table in the conservatory, you don’t have to be afraid. Canopies are made of special materials that are flame-retardant according to DIN 4102 B1 (for details see

➜ easy to use:

You can use this sun protection even in the event of a power failure. Canopies are finally operated by a hand cord. Just as you know it from roller blinds, for example.

The best: If it is windy outside, the wind sensor of an expensive external awning retracts the sun protection. With a canopy, on the other hand, the sun protection is maintained in wind and weather.


A canopy really has many advantages. And that even in the face of an expensive awning. So if you are looking not only for a cheaper option, but also for a more practical one, then a canopy is just the thing for you. You can also retrofit a canopy. You don’t even have to be a craftsman to do it. The assembly is actually very easy and quickly done.

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