Different Types Of Leaves

different types of leaves
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Different Types Of Leaves

The trees are distinguished, not only by their size or by the colors and / or cracks in the bark of their trunk, but also and especially by their leaves. These are one of the most important parts of the plant, because thanks to them they can breathe, perform photosynthesis and, therefore, grow. At the same time they provide us with something that is vital for us: oxygen. This article is about the morphology of the leaves.

We do not stop to think about it because we assume that we will always be able to have that gas that is essential for life, but the reality is that as the population increases, so does the demand for wood. Thus, the human is destroying all the forests of the world. But, although this could be talked about long and hard, in this article we will focus on the different types of tree leaves  and other curiosities of these incredible plants.


Why so many different types of leaves ? This is because each tree has its own adaptation mechanism . This means that each species has its own strategy to be able, not only to survive, but also to adapt to the conditions of its place of origin; conditions that are changing little by little – we are talking of thousands and even millions of years – and gradually.

And is that plants, and especially trees, have to face a lot of enemies since they are seeds. Fungi, insects, viruses, bacteria, herbivorous animals … and water. Yes, water can also affect them, since if it is kept for a long time on the leaf, it will dry up, since it has pores covered. It is because of those pores where they breathe, but of course, if the leaves do not drain water well, they can really have a bad time .


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