Aloe Polyphylla

Aloe Polyphylla or Spiral Aloe

The Spiral Aloe vera is an exotic and very striking plant , which owes its name to its characteristic spiral leaves .It is an extinct plant that is native to the mountains of Lesotho, South Africa , a humid place due to its abundant rainfall.

This plant is very slow growing and is characterized by having some 150 leaves, always very pointed and in the form of small teeth. They are grouped in a spiral shape, accommodating either clockwise or vice versa.

This variety of aloe vera should grow in the soil due to the size of its roots. In addition, it gives a flowering that occurs from spring to summer, producing flowers of pink, yellow and orange colors.

ALOE Polyphylla or Spiral Aloe

A unique plant

Unlike the other varieties of Aloe, the natural habitat of the spiral is of great humidity and that is why it is not a plant that develops naturally in any other part of the world.

Due to its uniqueness and the difficulties that arise when cultivating it due to its specific needs, the spiral aloe has been stolen from its place of origin and that is why today it is in danger of extinction.

aloe polyphylla
spiral aloe

ALOE Polyphylla or Spiral Aloe

To this it is added that it is a plant that reproduces by seeds and not by cutting so it is more difficult to create smaller sisters.

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