Planting Calendar May

May , called by the Romans ‘maius ‘, is the fifth month of the year in the Gregorian calendar, it has 31 days and it is par excellence the month of flowers , being spring in the northern hemisphere.

It is a very active month if we want to keep our indoor , terrace , lawn , orchard and garden plants attractive and in perfect condition . Some of the tasks that we propose in this garden calendar in May are:

Calendar of indoor plants in May:

  • It is the ideal time for planting hydrangeas , Fuchsia hybrida and azaleas. Also for the transplant of all those decorative plants for their leaves such as, for example, the species Dieffenbachia camila ., Ficus sp ., Aglaonema, etc.
  • We will increase as the temperatures increase the frequency of the irrigation.
  • We must check very well the plants and the young shoots for the control of the insects.
  • If we do preventive treatments for the control of possible pests, we will avoid many later problems.
  • We will continue to pay with liquid fertilizers or controlled release for six months.
Plants of Dieffembachia camila

Lawn calendar in May:

  • We must mow our lawn regularly , but with a higher cut.
  • We will watch the irrigation, trying not to water at midday hours or even at nightfall so that these caespitose plants do not spend many wet hours.
  • We must treat it with a fungicide if fungal symptoms appear. It is very important to identify the fungus to choose the most appropriate fungicide.

Garden calendar in May:

  • It is time to pay with solid fertilizers. Plants vegetate very quickly and need a high availability of nutrients.
  • We will prune the climbers and the trees when they finish to bloom. We will take advantage of this to better control the climbing plants .
  • Let’s not forget to continue paying for the roses.
  • Also, do not forget phytosanitary treatments with insecticides, acaricides and fungicides in a preventive way, if possible. If not, once the problem is detected, we will choose the most suitable product and apply it, preferably early in the day.
  • We continue to monitor the irrigation, especially in those hottest and driest days.
Strawberry plants

Orchard calendar in May:

  • It is an ideal time to plant, plant and transplant all summer vegetables.
  • It is very important to control the risks, especially after the siempras or plantations.
  • It is also necessary to control pests ( aphids , caterpillars, snails and slugs) with specific insecticides, respecting the safety deadlines and not exceeding the doses recommended by the manufacturer.
  • It is the time to plant beans , carrots and thistle.
  • We will fertilize our vegetables with a balanced fertilizer since the plants are in a very active vegetative period.
  • We must prune damaged branches and clear fruits if there is too much of them.
  • We will eliminate weeds so that they do not compete for moisture and nutrients with our hostalizas.
  • It’s time to harvest asparagus, onions, leeks, spinach and lettuce.

Calendar of the terraces in May:

  • It is still a good time to plant chrysanthemums, Calendula officinalis , petunias, tagetesand other seasonal plants.
  • We will add fertilizer every two weeks, either with the irrigation in liquid form or controlled release directly in the pot.
  • Monitor the irrigation daily. The volume of substrate is very small and can cause dehydration in our plants.
  • Do not forget to monitor and preventively treat our plants to prevent diseases and pests (aphids, slugs, caterpillars, …) that develop with the increase in temperature.

Don Burke

I am Don Burke, one of the authors at My Garden Guide.  I am a horticulturist that cultivates, grows, and cares for plants, ranging from shrubs and fruits to flowers. I do it in my own garden and in my nursery. I show you how to take care of your garden and how to perform garden landscaping in an easy way, step by step.I am originally from Sydney and I wrote in local magazines. Later on, I have decided, more than two decades ago, to create my own blog. My area of specialization is related to orchid care, succulent care, and the study of the substrate and the soil. Therefore, you will see many articles dedicated to these disciplines. I also provide advice about how to improve the landscape design of your garden.

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