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Friday Five: Salvaged Materials in the Garden Print E-mail
Written by Heleigh Bostwick    Friday, 20 January 2017
cast iron footed bathtub planter style=

Architectural salvage yards can be a great source of inspiration and materials to create a unique garden style, whether it's decorative elements like birdhouses or sundials or structural such as a trellis or pergola.

1. Trellises
A trellis can be made from just about anything that vines can climb on. Decorative wrought iron gates and fence panels, orchard and library ladders, window frames, and old lampposts are just a few ideas.

2. Planters & Ponds
Urns, old stone watering troughs, terracotta pipes, and chimney flues (some of the old ones are really spectacular in design) make ideal planters and some can be used to make container water gardens. Even old claw foot bathtubs can be transformed into miniature ponds and water gardens.

3. Paving
Paving materials are one of the best finds at salvage yards. There's nothing like old bricks to make your garden look like it's been there forever and old slabs of bluestone, well, you can't beat it for quality.

4. Conservatories
Here's an idea for the do-it-yourselfers: Make a conservatory out of old windows. I recently saw this on the Internet highway and thought it was quite clever--and probably not that difficult to build with a little thought and planning.

5. Accessories
You can find all sorts of things at salvage yards including great accessory pieces for your garden like birdhouses, sundials, statuary, garden benches, millstones (which make great fountains too, and objects like the stone mushroom toadstools pictured above.

Happy Hunting!

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