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Tuesday Products: The Potting Shed Print E-mail
Written by Heleigh Bostwick    Tuesday, 15 November 2016
Potting shed

AhhÖ.the potting shed. More than a garden shed, itís something every gardener would secretly love to have, but many probably donít. While garden sheds are often windowless and serve mainly as a storage area, the potting shed should be bright and sunny, a gardenerís sanctuary, a place to putter among the flowerpots, garden tools, seed packets, and bell jars, and most of all a place to daydream about the garden you want to have one day.

Potting sheds are also about potting up plants and the perfect location for your potting bench of course. There should be nooks and crannies for storage, shelves for books, garden journals, and catalogues, and if possible electricity for lighting during rainy days or dusky evenings.

Whether itís a brand new building or a restored out building, itís important to have fun with your potting shed, starting with the design. All potting sheds should be sheltered spaces with a roof, four walls, and one or two doors depending on your needs. A cottage, a cabin, or even part greenhouse or a built in cold frame are common architectural themes for potting sheds as long as there are plenty of windows to let the sunshine in.

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And just for funÖ(click on the picture for more information)

Photo source: UK Artist Mike Kingston, http://cheltenham-art.com/mikekingston.htm