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Tuesday Products: The Potting Bench Print E-mail
Written by Heleigh Bostwick    Tuesday, 22 November 2016
Potting bench

A potting bench is a workbench for gardening. Made of wood or sometimes metal, the classic potting bench has a flat, countertop-like surface that can be used to pot up plants, as well as shelves, drawers, or cabinet spaces to hold supplies like pots, bags of soil, garden tools, and any other gardening items you have laying about.

Usually potting benches are kept outdoors, which means that they need to made from weather and rot resistant materials. Cedar and fir are probably the most popular choices of materials. Less expensive options include plastic and vinyl, with teak being a more expensive option. Metal is also an option but thereís the possibility of corrosion to worry about.

Potting benches are available in a variety of sizes from small and portable (some even have wheels) to large. Some potting sheds are built into a greenhouse or garden shed. Some potting benches have built in dry sinks or are hooked up to a water source.

While different many types of potting benches sold on the market, they can be somewhat expensive. If youíre a do it your-selfer type of person, itís fairly easy to build on yourself to meet your specifications and needs. Or, like the picture above, you can recycle an old sideboard or dining room hutch into a potting shed.

Photo source: www.4groundwork.com