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Wednesday What's New: Garden Sharing Print E-mail
Written by Heleigh Bostwick    Wednesday, 23 November 2016
Neighborhood garden sharing

Garden sharing is kind of like community gardens or perhaps even guerilla gardening but on a more personal scale. Garden sharing refers to a homeowner who has the space to grow a garden and really wants to, yet lacks the time to do so and is looking for someone who lacks the space for a garden but has the time to cultivate one. Garden sharing (of land and resources) can also refer to sharing gardens within a particular neighborhood.

Garden sharing differs from community gardens in which a space is made available within the community, typically a piece of vacant land, where anyone interested in having a garden is welcome to a plot. Guerilla gardening of course refers to a group of people whose primary goal is to green up vacant land no matter how small without the permission of the owner (often a municipality).

Garden sharing is becoming more popular in the US with the recent emergence of the Edibles Estates movement (edible front yards not lawns) and for example, the neighborhood gardens that are part of the Vermont Community Garden Network, as well as the UK in which groups like Food Up Front and GroFun (Growing Real Organic Food in Urban Neighbourhoods) have been gaining ground.
Photo source: www.burlingtongardens.org