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Wednesday What's New: The Master Gardener Program Print E-mail
Written by Heleigh Bostwick    Wednesday, 16 November 2016
Master gardeners

After reading Joining a Garden Club! last week, a couple of readers wrote to me last week reminding me about master gardeners. I’ve written about master gardeners before, but like all good things, it’s worth mentioning again. The term master gardener shouldn’t be confused with “head gardener”, which is a job title since the master gardener program is for those interested in volunteering their time in the community.

Before beginning their volunteer service working on garden projects in the community, master gardeners (aka horticultural educators) are trained by county extension agricultural agents. In other words, through volunteerism the cooperative extension office is able to provide an effective means of community outreach and education. County extension agents are affiliated with universities that have agricultural programs, in most cases the state university. The master gardener program is not limited to the county where the university is located however; in most states there are multiple counties that offer the program.

Much like a garden club, the master gardener program offers an opportunity for people who love to garden to be with like-minded individuals while at the same time performing community service. Read more about the master gardener program.