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Tuesday Products: Clay Pot Irrigation Print E-mail
Written by Heleigh Bostwick    Tuesday, 28 June 2016
Olla clay pot irrigation

Clay pot or olla irrigation is used in many regions of the world including Asia and Latin America, and only more recently in the US in places like New Mexico. It is an effective, low cost method of watering your plants and the technique is simple as well. Take an unglazed clay vessel like one of those pictured above and bury it in the ground up to the rim. Pour water into the pot and let osmosis do its thing. Ok, maybe itís not that simple, but thatís basically how it works.

There are a few factors to take into account such as the porosity of the olla and the surrounding soil as well. The porosity of the vessel depends on the type of clay used, but unless you specifically purchase an olla or make your own clay pots, this factor might be out of your hands. In other words, itís probably not advisable to use any old unglazed clay pot. In addition, the soil must be well drained--add compost or organic matter, or sand if needed--enough to allow water to percolate from the clay pot to the soil and then to the plant root zones.

If you are planning on irrigating a vegetable garden, place each clay pot or olla about 3 feet apart and plant your crops around each olla. Fill the olla with water every week or so, depending on rainfall.

Photo source and information: www.continentaldrift.net/2006/03/17/68