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Thursday Tips: Is My Tomato Plant GMO?
Written by Heleigh Bostwick    Thursday, 05 June 2008
Tomatoes on the vine
Is that tomato plant you bought for your garden a genetically modified organism (GMO)?

Wednesday What's New: Rethinking Flower Arrangements
Written by Heleigh Bostwick    Wednesday, 04 June 2008
Flower arrangement in watering can
One of the best perks of having a flower garden is always having a source of fresh flowers to bring inside the house.

Tuesday Products: Instant Flower Carpets
Written by Heleigh Bostwick    Tuesday, 20 May 2008
Garden roll
Thereís a new kid in town when it comes to no fuss gardening, the instant flower garden mat. I love the idea, but is it too good to be true?

Wednesday What's New: Itís Fiddlehead Fern Season!
Written by Heleigh Bostwick    Wednesday, 14 May 2008
Fiddlehead ferns
Fiddlehead ferns, the newly unfurling fronds of the ostrich fern, are only edible while they are fiddleheads. Once they turn into proper fronds theyíre history at least when it comes to being edible.

Tuesday Products: Eco-Friendly Watering Cans
Written by Heleigh Bostwick    Tuesday, 22 April 2008
Recycled metal watering can
Watering cans. As gardeners, we canít live without them whether we garden indoors or out or both.

Wednesday What's New: Gardener to Organic Farmer
Written by Heleigh Bostwick    Wednesday, 26 March 2008
Organic farm vegetables
Have you ever wanted to turn your passion for organic gardening into a business? Hereís one woman that did.

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