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Tuesday Tools & Products: Moles Be Gone!
Written by Heleigh Bostwick    Tuesday, 09 August 2016
mole in lawn
While Mr. Mole may have been a cute character in the book The Wind and the Willows, Mr. Mole tunneling his way through your backyard is not so cute.

Wednesday What’s New: Natural Lawn Care Q & A
Written by Heleigh Bostwick    Wednesday, 18 May 2016
Natural Lawn care
A beautiful lawn can be maintained without the use of harsh synthetic controls and fertilizers--all it takes is watering, mowing, and feeding, and a basic understanding of natural lawn care practices.

Monday Melange: Little Bluestem
Written by Heleigh Bostwick    Monday, 08 July 2013
Little Bluestem
Prized for its golden-bronze foliage in autumn, if you’re looking for a native ornamental grass for the garden, then little bluestem is a good choice.

Friday Five: Reel Mowers
Written by Heleigh Bostwick    Friday, 21 June 2013
Reel Mower
Five good reasons to use a reel mower.

Thursday Tips & Techniques: Whimsical Gardens
Written by Heleigh Bostwick    Thursday, 12 July 2012
Checkerboard turf
Looking for inspiration in planning your new garden? Head over to the library and visit the children's book section.

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