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Gardening Practices

Thursday Tips & Techniques: Arborsculpture
Written by Heleigh Bostwick    Thursday, 23 July 2015
Arborsculpture is the art of growing and training tree trunks via grafting, bending, pleaching, and pruning branches to form sculptural elements.

Wednesday What's New: Urban Foraging
Written by Heleigh Bostwick    Wednesday, 22 July 2015
Wild Onion
What do dandelions, mulberries, haws (the berries of hawthorn), and wild onion have in common? They are all edibles that can be foraged in the wilds of suburbia or around the neighborhood.

Wednesday What’s New: Operation Sunflowers
Written by Heleigh Bostwick    Wednesday, 15 July 2015
sunflowers radiation mitigation
Japanese scientists have planted sunflower seeds on farmland in three locations near the Fukushima Nuclear Power plant in hopes of reducing radiation in the soil.

Thursday Techniques: Miniature Gardens
Written by Heleigh Bostwick    Thursday, 09 July 2015
Trough garden
Miniature gardens are a great way for people with limited time and space to get their gardening groove on.

Friday Five: Easy to Grow Sprouts
Written by Heleigh Bostwick    Friday, 03 July 2015
easy to grow sprouts’
I usually buy sprouts. But with e. coli outbreaks happening with increasing frequency in sprouts, I thought that maybe it was time to learn how to grow them myself. Here's how.

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