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Friday Five: Winterizing Cannas E-mail
Written by Heleigh Bostwick    Friday, 02 October 2015
Cannas are tropical plants and will die off in colder climates. Here’s what you need to do to get your cannas ready for winter.

Wednesday What's New: Smart Flower Bulbs E-mail
Written by Heleigh Bostwick    Wednesday, 08 July 2015
Bulb planting chart
Studies have recently confirmed that spring bulbs may be smarter than we are! If they’re planted at the wrong depth, they will adjust themselves to the correct one.

Monday Melange: Desert Lily E-mail
Written by Heleigh Bostwick    Monday, 22 June 2015
Desert Lily
Desert lily, which resembles an Easter lily, is just one of the wonderful desert wildflowers native that begin blooming in March.

Tuesday Tips & Products: Bulb Cages E-mail
Written by Heleigh Bostwick    Tuesday, 02 June 2015
Bulb cage
Have you ever planted spring bulbs in the fall and waited anxiously for spring to arrive only to discover that voles, squirrels, and mice have eaten the bulbs? If so, you might want to try using a bulb cage.

Tuesday Tools & Products: Bulb Planters E-mail
Written by Heleigh Bostwick    Tuesday, 19 May 2015
Bulb Planter
A bulb planter is a handy tool for digging holes when you want to plant bulbs individually in your garden.

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